Should the City of Chicago sue Jussie Smollett for damages?

While he, and the rest of the republicans, take resources away from poor, handicapped and the downtrodden. You go on and celebrate.

Was that michael or michelle?

Is smollett a repubic? Interesting you are saying he took resouces away. Or, did i misunderstand a confusing comment?

Yeah, you definitely misunderstood.

So who took what away ? :wink:

Dude. Do you only consume Republican media or something? Is that really a real question?

If they can they should.


No i do not consume media. I am trying to figure out what you meant. Conversations are like catch ball. If the receiver does not understand what the originator says, then the orginator should answer the question. Unless one is trapped in the twighlight zone…

I say let the brother walk if his case is dismissed. The judge sealed the records and will not allow him to go to court on original charges. If the FBI can not prove something else the brother gets off free.

Well said LouC. I totally agree with your logic, as usual.

On this case? I have none. It is not a story of great interest or importance to me. But when others make seemingly definitive statements, I’m curious to know what facts have informed their opinion, as facts and logic appeal to me. And perhaps their sharing of facts will change my thought process on a given matter.

Loses the argument, jumps the shark with class warfair. Call it a double bogey.

So Michelle Obama is NOT behind this actually, as you inaccurately stated previously. Interesting. Why push something not true? To what end were you hoping to achieve?

You the one commenting, brother. It was important still someone threw down a flag… ha ha ha.

I don’t understand what this post means.

Or stated some facts you didn’t like.

You told me the story is of no importance to you. However your continued posts indicate it may be. I would venture to say what you told me is inconsistant with your actions. Thank me very much, my brother.

Some of you all are more mad about this than when a cop walks free from shooting an unarmed citizen

Hey, blue lives matter. And i do support law enforcement. In saying that, if a crooked officer gets caught, he should feel the pain of his actions or the lack thereof.

Nah. My continued posts are a reflection of my entertainment value derived from debating with people here. The topics are some times less important than the debate.

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