Should Squatters be Shot?

Should squatters be shot? Yup!

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I kind of think so. You read the stories about some of the things that they get away with, and it beggars belief


Stand your ground. He was reaching for something and I felt threatened.


Wait, if the house is truly abandoned like that house from Fight Club , why would we want to shoot the sumbitch who squats there ?

As the OP, what are your thoughts on this?

Should they be shot? No. But I’m in favor of property owners using force to remove individuals from their property.

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Depends. If they threaten your safety then pump them full of lead.

Thankfully, I live in a State (North Carolina) where it is relatively easy to (legally) get rid of squatters.

In places that have misguided tenant’s “rights” laws, such as NYC, your basically ■■■■ out of luck, unless you want to go through the eviction process, which takes about 20 months on average.


Depends on the presence of witnesses


doesn’t it depend on the state’s interpretation of castle law?

Castle law would almost certainly not apply to non-homesteaded property.

Funny that you started this thread today.

Tyrus (the big guy on Gutfeld) just last night said if squatters tried to take over a house in the South that this is exactly what would happen to them. :grin:

I’m in favor of it (Tongue in cheek). Freeloading pieces of ■■■■■


I would be happy with sending them back to their home countries.

leftist utopia

America and Americans Last / biden - haris 2024

They should be shot, with extreme equity.


This is an example of why the argument for banning TikTok isn’t framed correctly, by either party. The security concerns are trivial when compared to the societal cancers those algorithms unleash. This TikToker is also an illegal, no surprise.

My parents snowbird in Florida. I’m over at their house once a week checking things out for them.


I will agree that the TikTok should be banned because people say things I don’t like is a more honest framing.