Should police be allowed to use deadly force against laser attacks?

Much higher power.

I would counter with the audio dispersal tools.

Same lasers that blind pilots. Approval is the same to saying, “Sure that guy has a right to down a plane full of people!”

A police officer permanently blinded? “Meh, so what!”


I vehemently oppose laser use in the US. I opposed it in Hong Kong too.

I wouldn’t have supported Chinese police shooting those protesters, and I don’t support it here.

As do I. If they can permanently damage a human being then they should be subject to the same restrictions guns are.

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Yeah, video of cops beating back their attackers with tear gas and billy clubs is way more exciting to watch, amiright?

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Whoever is pointing lasers in officer’s eyes needs to be charged and thrown in jail for many years.


I agree. There’s not a whole lot of good that comes from people using lasers without being familiar with the risks associated with them, especially the bargin-bin powerful ones.

Several states self defense laws authorize the use of deadly force if the victim is afraid for their life, or great bodily harm.

Why shouldn’t police officers be afforded the same protections?

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Are they affixed to the heads of frickin’ sharks?


Well, in this case, they appear to be well associated with the damage they can do and used it intentionally for that purpose.

Can you even imagine never being able to see again for the rest of your LIFE?

They should be. The direction will swing, compliments of the idots in the streets.

Interesting idea - federal agents using deadly force against citizens in US streets. But why stop at lasers?

Throwing rocks or other heavy objects? That has potential to kill or maim.

Fire? Potential to kill or maim.

Fists? Potential to kill or maim.

Logically, federal agents should declare weapons free and engage US citizens with deadly force any time someone comes at them with something that could potentially kill or maim. After all, if these terrorist rabble rousers are peacefully protesting they have nothing to worry about.

Now, what about feds engaging with deadly force with anyone who LOOKS like they could try to harm government agents (e.g. anyone carrying a brick, a laser, a firearm, or raising their hands in a menacing manner)?

(disclaimer - Not poeing, just following a thread of logic to see how it would play out)

On a personal level, yes. Being permanently blinded is grave bodily harm and I won’t lose any sleep over a laser using ■■■■■■■■■ getting a bullet for it.

In terms of the optics? I’m not so sure. Never looks good for trained officers firing into a crowd, no matter the cause.

The officers in these situations with rioters should definitely be issued tinted eye protection from here on out, though.

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What the heck are talking about?

Mmmmmmmm. If somebody was going to poke out your eyes, you wouldn’t want me to shoot them off of you?

Most physical objects are, in one way or another, capable of “permanently damaging” a human being.

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That is the conundrum.

An individual being shot by an officer in self defense is easy to justify and rationalize. They have the same right to self defense that anyone else has in this country.

Firing into a crowd… that’s where things get complicated. The optics matter.


Some of them might be aware, but I doubt most of the culprits are. They’re likely blinding themselves too by using them. Cheap green lasers often leak invisible wavelengths that a casual user’s eye protection would not stop. I suspect that most of the lasers being used in protests are similarly dangerous and need to go directly into the trash.

Is a laser a physical object?

Permanent blindness?

Pretty ■■■■■■■ serious.