Should police be allowed to use deadly force against laser attacks?

Should police and federal agents be allowed to use deadly force against laser attacks that can result in permanent blindness?

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No, stick to non deadly force

Yes start shooting protesters, that will go over so well.


Powerful lasers in the eyes can cause permanent blindness. Would acid the eyes justify deadly force?

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Since you obviously feel laser attacks are not serious, would you have any problems if police used lasers to respond to laser attacks?

bring back public hanging or if they say please, draw and quarter the criminals

but deadly force is too much… an eye for an eye…

No, but non lethal force would be appropriate.

In the minds of a liberal these are just varying forms of peaceful protesting. Furthermore, do you actually thing any liberal is going to cry cops being harmed?

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Laser pointers? That’d be like firing your gun at shampoo that didn’t have the no more tears logo.

the protesting leftists intend to blind the police

they (leftist mob) deserve to be blinded


not laser pointers

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Here is a video showing Antifa using high-powered lasers:

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how dare they use LASERS!

not serious enough to kill someone over.

What should the penalty be for blinding someone?

not murder.

Yes. On the other hand, can you imagine the outrage if a shopkeeper used a laser to blind a looter?


Should shopkeeper be able to use high-powered lasers to protect their property?

Non-lethal force is no big deal?

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