Should Police be Allowed to Shoot Into Crowds if One is Shooting Paintballs?

Like a recent thread asks, should police be allowed to shoot into a crowd if victims are subject to potential serious bodily injury? What if someone got hit in the eye and permanently blinded by a paintball? Lethal force or no?

Serious question. If response to resistance to lasers is our measure because they might hurt someone, what about paintballs?

Simple answer: no.

Why not? What if it were someone pointing a laser at someone? Same answer?

According to information from an ambulance chaser-type website I found, they indicate that the most common paintball injuries are eye injuries. An estimated 85% of all paintball injuries are eye-related. The number of paintball eye injuries is also on the rise – paintball eye injuries treated in emergency rooms rose from an estimated 545 in 1998 to over 1,200 in 2000. Over 40% of these cases occurred in children, mostly boys. Types of paintball eye injuries include hyphemas and vitreous hemorrhages (bleeding in the eye), retinal detachments, cataracts, corneal abrasions, and commotio retina (bruising and swelling of the retina). Many of these injuries can lead to permanent visual impairment, even vision loss.

They also state that aside from eye injuries, the most common paintball injuries are ear injuries. A paintball shot at someone’s ear at close range can lead to a concussion, a ruptured ear drum, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), cauliflower ear (permanent damage to ear cartilage leading to disfigurement of the outer ear), and even partial or permanent loss of hearing.

Sounds like serious bodily injury to me. It is my understanding from forum experts here that this consitutes justified use of lethal force.





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In both situations, I think shooting the perpetrator is not appropriate.

Thank you for answering that and contributing to the thread.

Laser: yes
Paintballs: no

Reasons: all riot cops, and many standard cops wear eyewear.

Also intent does matter. The only reason to shine a laser at someone in this type of situation is to cause harm. There is no other answer that passes the sniff test. It’s like shining them at airplanes.

If people are shining lasers into the eyes of the police, they have every right to defend themselves from this attack. It doesn’t premeditate deadly force but they can surely break out the batons and use them.

They should at least be able to return fire with paint balls. Could be fun.

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I may have to get one. They look like fun. Caution…there is a bad word used.


That was beautiful. thank you. lol

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Their primary use in these situations is to distract and disperse crowds. They can serve many of the same functions as smoke, tear gas, and rubber bullets. The police just don’t have a near monopoly on their use.

Nobody pretends that it’s appropriate to shoot someone for using a laser in any other situation that doesn’t involve cops. Referees, performers, and teachers don’t even entertain the notion.

Yes, police massacres over laser pointers are sure to go over really well with the public.

Not only no, but HELL NO.

■■■■ paint balls and lasers, suppose someone is shooting a gun and police can’t necessarily get a clear shot at him.


I have no problem with them roughing up those throwing fire bombs at this point either. Then arrest them.

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Laser Pointer:


Rush them, take them, restrain them, put them in jail. Send to jail, 1 year minimum. Take away future voting privileges for 8 years, enroll them in heavy civics education and American history curriculum without the leftist brainwashing

Warn them they will be shot if they don’t surrender NOW!

Arrest the politicians and media doing this. They are traitors and should have a choice, reform or be a criminal.

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Lol…cracking down always works…

Y’all the kinda people who can’t understand why cops don’t rush hostage situations with guns out.