Should Ilhan Omar be removed from office?

Other than spewing Anti-Semite venom has this individual done anything for the constituents?

Removed by who?

Good question. You should research that and get back to us.

What was the anti-semite venom this rep spewed?

No I love her right we’re shes at as well as Cortez driving the direction of the Democratic Party.

move to her district and vote in 573 days


So now I’ve watched the Fox News digital propaganda. Not fake news, her words seemed to be accurately portrayed. The outrage over saying “some people did something” is laughable though. Have you guys become the politically correct police? That’s about a benign a statement as one could hope to hear. Especially when heard in context, with the rest of the sentence.


what is the rest of the sentence?

“Very fine people, on both sides”
No outrage when these words were uttered, I wonder why?

Why does not being a supporter of the modern state of Israel make her anti-Semitic? Some Jews don’t even support that, citing it as made by man rather than God. Are they anti-Semitic, too?

Her September 11 remark is idiotic, but can it be used to remove her from office? Looks like a separate article to click on just MIGHT—allegations she used a portion of her campaign fund for divorce attorney & personal expenses.

I guess overturning elections is fine if the Democrat won.

It was anti-AIPAC venom. One of the untouchable third rails of american politics.


To republican jewish coalition re Bibi … “your prime minister”

She correctly identified Stephen Miller as a white nationalist. So she’s cool in my book.

A muslim talking badly about an Israeli PAC. How dare she!


Screw those idiots at AIPAC. I’m I also an anti-semite?

doubly so since you didnt vote for trump

“…and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

*next time you listen to the op’s link :wink:

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correct. the correction is that.

10 Muslim terrorists drove 2 planes into twin towers here in NYC killing scores of people

5 Muslim Terrorists drove a plane into pentagon.

4 Muslim terrorists drove their plane in the ground in Pennsy killing all aboad, were on their way
to an unspecified destination in Washington.

all told a horrific attack on the homeland.

to downplay it as “some people did something” is just plain wrong.

it like a japanese person describing the pearl harbor sneak attack as “some people did something”

If that is an accurate quote it is wrong plain and simple as that.


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No, she’s the future of the dem party. An ingrate. We need her for the next election. Just like AOC, another future of the dem a party and another ingrate of America… It’s demographics of the dem party and should be highlighted…