Should family of Laken Riley sue Biden and his regime

I’m just throwing this out there. Should Riley family sue Biden and his regime after they are out of office?

Edit to add. Laken Riley is student nurse that was killed by illegal immigrant that crossed our border under Biden open door policies.


For what?

Should they?

Why WOULDN’T they!


For the death of Laken Riley.

Walk me through the specific policies you’re referring to and from which the Riley family could take legal action over.

Answer the question…

Always in need of a tutorial.


Always in need of a loophole


Should Kate Steinle family sue Obama for Obama border policies?

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Trump got looted for 500 million bucks with no victim so I think being a victim of negligent homicide should be actionable on the negligent parties.


They are certainly free to try and sue Biden once he is out of office. If they can find a lawyer to take on the case then that is a decision for them.

If its what they want and they are prepared mentally and financially for what will likely be a long process then why not?

But if Trump gets his way then there will be no legal recourse against Biden as Presidents will have complete immunity from anything they do whilst serving as President.

Obama and Biden neglect to secure and to deport illegals lead to direct deaths of American citizens…failure to uphold their Constitutional duties makes em completely liable.

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Sure, but only if you go back in time and prosecute every president who is still alive with every crime committed by an illegal during his presidency.


Biden’s administration let her killer walk into the country in 2022…

The Venezuelan criminal made his way to New York where he was arrested as I understand it for child endangerment … New York let him go before ICE could get a detainer….

Maybe fat Alvin Bragg should spend more time taking care of the people’s business and less time on pointless attempts to prosecute former presidents.

If it weren’t for Biden and Alvin Bragg you can make a pretty good case that beautiful young woman would still be alive.

Personally I’d like ‘em both sued.

The world and the American people need to understand that Biden administration has gallons of blood on its hands.


Maybe a random DA in Missouri could find something to waste his time in court with. :wink:


How about Mollie Tibbetts family suing Obama regime…he crossed Obama open door policy.

Young girls killed by Obama and Biden border policies.


Should they sue? After all those three girls all died because of Obama and Biden open border policies.

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Too white.


Media fault for not reporting non white deaths due to Obama and Biden border policies.

You should reach out to the family and ask them. Maybe if you help cover some of the legal fees they might be willing to do it. Worth a shot.

YES…Biden owns this rape and murder. His complicitness can not be denied.

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