Should faking a hate crime BE a hate crime?


That would be a dangerous road to go down in my opinion.


You’re right, let me rephrase that; Trump has moral responsibility, if not legally responsibility.


He’s certainly morally responsible for a lot of bad things that are happening in country. But that doesn’t mean the law should go after him. However, the voters should.


Not too sure it should be a hate crime, but I do believe misleading law enforcement and out right lying about an incident should face very harsh penalties.
I know this is about the Smollet case, I know for me the reason I had not comment at all on any message board I’m on is because the story sounded like a farce from the very beginning. Honestly, I have seen stories like this before…some gained national attention while many others stayed local. Why do we have to go after each other racially and/or politically to make an opposing side look bad? In the history of this country people have lost their livelihoods and even their lives lying about incidents like this.

Look, I don’t support for 45 or his politics…the whole idea of MAGA is nothing more than nationalistic bull crap, however in order to counter this type of thing one doesn’t have to make ■■■■ up, eventually true colors will appear naturally and happen on its own.

Stop it!


What you just described should fit smack within the definition of a hate crime.

For the record, I don’t see Smollett doing what he did to frame anyone specifically. He might have been looking for attention/sympathy/whatever. He might have been looking to propagate the narrative that we’re a MAGA/homophobic/racist culture (which, perhaps, could be argued that he was trying to frame the culture). He might have been seeking to shout FIRE in a crowded media circus.

Fake hate crimes create new layers of Ferguson-like conflicts in society. To me, that’s the greater problem in these things.


People who play the hate crime tango, it sometimes seems, only want to lead to benefit their preferred victim classes.


Our culture has been victimized by it.


What’s happening here is that we’re just going to talk past each other.

TECHNICALLY, yes, the crime is victimless.

The added layers of racial and lifestyle tension that these incidents add to our culture are not quantifiable. Even just ideological tension. We’re a contentious society as it is. We don’t need fake crap adding to it.


Why idiots?

Do only idiots doubt wolf-criers?

Your post – in fact, all the disagreements in this thread – to some degree demonstrate what we do NOT need more of.


When the overarching tenor of this board is that we have to fight with the other side, leaps are standard.


Which makes meaningful discussion nearly impossible.


Just like Kamala Harris’ tweets.


I’m betting he heard a rumor he was going to be canned so came up with this whole thing to raise his profile. But who knows.

And yes, incidents like this only serve to inflame tensions on both sides.


It’s not about doubting wolf-criers. It’s about wolf-denying.


Is making false statements a crime?

Making false statements (18 U.S.C. § 1001) is the common name for the United States federal crime laid out in Section 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code, which generally prohibits knowingly and willfully making false or fraudulent statements , or concealing information, in “any matter within the jurisdiction” of …


Making false statements - Wikipedia

He made false statements and gave false information. Should be punished. Was it a hate crime, sure he hates Trump. He did this to hurt Trump voters. This is the Resistance only he got caught. These people are all over America, threatening Trump supporters, trying to make them afraid to go out anywhere with a hat, tee or anything that supports him. They are “Domestic Terrorists” doing to us what terrorists were doing to us. Trying to scare us into not supporting Trump, the way terrorists tried to scare us into not going out.

What did Hillary say? There will be no civility until they are in power again. Seeing their hatred for us you best to never vote them back into office. That hatred won’t stop.


That is sort of like arguing that a unfulfilled bomb threat with a large number of potential targets (such as all mosques or synagogues in the US) is victimless crime since no was hurt. In the case in Chicago, some one could have been wrongly arrested and charged with a hate crime based on what are apparently false statements to police.

Potential potential mob violence and/or retribution can result from false reports. An extreme example from a the past would be a Southern white woman making a false claim to police of rape by a non-white man. A false claim can result in lynching and mob violence even if no one person was identified in the false report.

In the recent case in Illinois, a false claim of a hate crime could arguable incite violent retribution. Chicago has a history of violent attacks that appear to have a racial component. Here is one example from 2016, which was labeled “a traffic altercation” by police:



He probably won’t spend a day in jail. Somehow he will turn his treachery into money. Maybe a show on CNN?


This is why I am glad that I live in a conceal carry state.


I am going with a Netflix show


Of course faking a hate crime should be a hate crime.