Should faking a hate crime BE a hate crime?


No? It’s obstruction, filing a false report, possibly perjury depending on how far it goes.


As I disagree with hate crime legislation in the first place, i’ll say no. Charge people with the crimes they commit, not for what you think their reasoning was.

Smollett it looks like envisioned himself as the Colin Kaepernick of the acting world leading a charge of activism after being wronged. Instead he’s a B list actor who is about to be publicly humiliated on a grand scale. I tend to agree that he’ll avoid jail time, but he shouldn’t.


yes… and That’s a great point.


I hope he goes to jail. Had the police found someone and blamed them based on Smollets testimony, they could have landed in jail and faced who knows what there, and I doubt Smollett would have any empathy for a wrongly accused person, if it advanced his career…

Not to mention how it would have effected the beliefs of many in America… Hate crime hoax should be a hate crime.

Seems I remember a leftist college activist putting up a swasti ka or something during 2016 to prove racism on campus…


I think that if a person is Anti-Trump, then faking a hate crime is ok.
Because Trump is hate, so it works itself out.


Well the hoaxing ■■■■ tard is under arrest now. I’m eagerly awaiting Kamala Harris’ tweets supporting him.


The liar is going to get his comeuppance now.

Making false hate crime charges should be prosecuted as a double hate crime with malice.

I am on record as stating this entire hate crime law tangent was divisive and redundant and a waste of time…only padding the pockets of lawyers.



Why he getting to keep his job? Roseanne was fired right away for much less…


IMO…what ever is the penalty the lie would inflict on the perp, should be applied to the liar.


Yes (to the OP); both are intended to promote hate.


Are they employed by the same company? I am guessing he will be shortly…


Apparently faking a racial attack to create controversy and stir hate is no big deal to the left.


You’re forgetting about the white powder letter. Serious stuff- big prison time.


16 count indictment? Durn he made them mad.


How does that fit with your viewpoint?


What do you mean?


Wow…is this the new forum where we 100% agree? :sunglasses: