Should faking a hate crime BE a hate crime?


Yes it should involve criminal charges & penalties. Such individuals have wasted law enforcement time & resources, as well as diverted attention from those who truly need help.


I disagree, his false report of a racially motivated crime served to increase racial tensions. It could have made someone to act out in retribution resulting in innocent victims harmed by his lies.


And that potential victim should blame the perpetrator not Jussie Smollett.


No, both could be blamed if it could be shown that Smollett’s lies caused the perp to act out.


I guess we can blame all racially motivated crimes and actions on Jussie Smollett from now on. Obama must be relieved.


Wasting police resources and pointing the finger at innocents accusing them of false crimes already is a crime is it not?

I don’t think a false accusation of a hate crime is itself a hate crime (nor is it as bad as), but it should most definitely carry quite a hefty sentence.


Unfortunately it doesn’t take many false accusations to make idiots deny there are real occurrences to begin with, or to downplay their seriousness/frequency.


I didn’t say that, i simply disagreed with your contention that it was a victimless crime.


There has to an actual victim in order for a crime to not be victimless. Tell me who the actual victim of Jussie Smollett’s actions was.


Some people say smoking weed is a victimless crime. I disagree because it hurts my soul every time someone lights up.


Should be no hate crime laws at all.


Well, if you’re going to accept the idea of hate crimes how about an effort to use the legal process to slander and defame a whole class of persons?


Adding to racial tensions, potentially resulting in violence. Not unlike inciting a riot.


So every white person in America is the victim. Gotcha.


Wow, that was quite a leap.


I willing to bet you wouldn’t hold Trump responsible for any racially motivated actions that I happened recently.


He said a whole class of persons was being slandered and defamed.


Wrong. Trump is probably the worst offender.


But he isn’t legally responsible.


Perhaps he should be.