Should camela harris Resign Her Senate Seat Now and Let California Voters Decide Who Should Serve Out Her Term?

I think a special election should be held in November for the remaining two years of her term, in the event of her move upward. This way the idiot gavin newsom doesn’t get to appoint her replacement.

What do you think??

Her senate vote is likely to mean nothing over the next 2 1/2 months and this way the people of California get a say in her replacement.

How has something like this been handled in the past?

IMO, it’s only another few months, the CA voters can wait for the outcome of the November elections.

And then Governor Newsom can appoint her replacement.


I think it’s always been handled by the governor appointing a successor. But that gives them way too much power in my opinion.

His appointment may be a placeholder until a special election can be arranged, but why wait? There’s an election in November anyway.

Thanks for the concern but I’m good with our Governor taking care of it after she gets elected to her new job.


What happens if the Biden/Harris ticket doesn’t win? Sorry but the premise is a complete non-starter

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Why should she need to do that?

What does the law require?


Sorry but liberals suddenly caring about laws makes me laugh.

Did you mean to say “law”??

Is there a growing movement of California voters asking for this? If not I see no reason why would California break historical precedence

That is just silly. Her vote will carry exactly the same amount of weight as it did before the announcement

This line of thought requires one to concede that Biden/Harris will win in November, thus eliminating her ability to serve as a Senator from CA. Interesting. :thinking:

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I said this months ago.

Why should she resign?

Tim Kaine didn’t resign, and he was sitting US Senator.
Paul Ryan didn’t resign while being a sitting Congressman
Sarah Palin didn’t resign and she was sitting Governor
John McCain didn’t resign and he was sitting US Senator
Barack Obama didn’t resign and he was sitting US Senator.


C’mon now, he’s just “concerned”.

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Yes, I did. What does the law require?

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Because for some reason Kamala scares the ■■■■ out if © Republicans


It appears that California is an appointment state not a special election state.

If she resigned then Gov. Newsome would appoint a replacement who would hold the seat until the Senate Class of 2023 is seated, meaning the 2022 election will select a replacement for January 2023.

Thanks WorldWatcher.