Should Biden step down because of his failed COVID response?

Back in September 2020 candidate Biden said Trump should step down because of his COVID response. At the time there about 186000 reported COVID deaths, and Biden said that the president is responsible for every death.

The number of reported COVID deaths since Biden took office is now about 360,000.

Should Biden step down since, by his own standards, he responsible for the deaths of so many Americans?


What virus? Don’t you know that Joe Biden shut down the virus?

“Joe Biden on Twitter: “I’m not going to shut down the country. I’m not going to shut down the economy. I’m going to shut down the virus.” / Twitter”

I don’t know what country you’re from but the US is prospering like never before! I like to call him Joe Biden the miracle man! Everything he touches turns to gold. Then again why should America had expected anything less from a man with 50 years experience in Washington!

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No. Unca’ Joe provided vaccines for everyone.

You can lead a Jackass to water, but you can’t make them drink.


We should have reached herd immunity by spring 2021 bases on Fauci’s statements in December.

Fauci moved that out to the end of summer in statements in January.

Now the CDC is saying that herd immunity “may not be possible”:

Biden has said the president needs to accept responsibility. I agree, Biden needs to resign immediately.

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Where’s the National Plan? The national mandates?

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Yes, I agree that the government should not force vaccinations.

Perhaps if the FDA and CDC were more open about their review process?

Perhaps if the vaccine makers backed up their safety claims by actually accepting liability for any injuries?

Perhaps if the FDA had allowed inexpensive COVID testing like they have in Europe?

Stenzel, a microbiology Ph.D. who in 2018 became director of the office that authorizes diagnostic tests, holds the most day-to-day power over whether a test gets approved. He worked at biotech companies for most of his career before coming to the FDA, leading some to wonder if those prior relationships played a role in determining which testmakers became the most important players in the market.

Among Stenzel’s former employers were Abbott and the San Diego-based Quidel Corporation, the first two companies to sell self-administered, prescription-free COVID tests in large volumes.
Here's Why Rapid Coronavirus Tests Are So Expensive And Hard To Find | Across America, US Patch

Perhaps if they had promoted the use of monoclonal antibodies instead of pushing highly leaky vaccines as the only treatment option:

Biden and Fauci should resign.

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The antibodies are used after the person has inquired serious illness.

The vaccines are there to prevent serious illness. No brainer.

Have you been vaccinated?

I wonder why the death count stopped being reported 24/7 by almost the entire MSM since the election? :thinking:

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Maybe if there weren’t those who were on a daily mission to discredit the efficacy of the vaccine while being vaccinated the country would be in better shape.


Yes, many of the people getting the antibodies have been vaccinated and still need the treatment when they get a breakthrough infection. This is not an either/or decision.

The White House and its allies in mainstream media did their best to bad mouth anything other than the vaccination as a treatment. That is why so many doctors are unaware that monoclonal antibodies are highly effective at treating the disease even after Fauci reluctantly admitted that they work.

Biden and Fauci need to resign.

It’s all bull feces…nothing to see here. Take the vaccine…it’s the only answer! :roll_eyes:

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Nah. You got the vaccines, you got the masks, and you got the mandates. That 360,000 should be asterisked since Hermain Cain awards don’t count as much as the tragic deaths of vulnerable populations.

So Biden was wrong when he claimed that Trump should step down after 180,000 COVID deaths?

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Ah, using black bodies for political points. Nice

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Silwy wabbit…ask any lib…that’s different. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


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Still beating the failed Ivermectin drum.

Man… one would think that when the basis of using it turned out to be fraudulent that people would abandon touting it.

Crazy world.

Should Jbiden step down then?

Yes, we should just be getting the first vaccines about now if the experts had been correct.

“I don’t think it’s ever been done at an industrial scale in 18 months,” said Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar focused on emerging infectious disease at the Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins University. “Vaccine development is usually measured in years, not months.” -April 2020