Should a president biden expand the supreme court

should biden expand the supreme court
  • yes
  • no

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If yes why
if no why not

Merrick Garland.

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he should. given the dems have won the popular vote the majority of the time the court should reflect the majority of the country

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Reduce it by 3. Retain justices by seniority.


Absolutely. He should expand them asap after election.

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No, the SCOTUS selection needs to be depoliticize and return it to a selection process and not an all-out battle.

IMHO, I would make changes, which might take a Constitutional amendment, but hey if you are wishing:

#1 The senior justice, not fulfilling the duties of Chief Justice, is required retire after 20 years but no more than one Justice per SCOTUS term is required to retire in any year. The Chief Justice may serve a term of up to 5-years, after which they return to Associate Justice.

#2 That the Senate’s job is to advise and consent on the President’s nominee and will be determined by the yeas and nays of all Senators present provide a quorum is present to conduct business under the normal operating rules of the Senate. If after 90 days the yeas and nays have not been cast then the Senate will convene in special session to complete the requirement. If after 120 calendar days the Senate has not confirmed or rejected a nominee through the yeas and the nays, then the nominee will be considered to have been confirmed.

I think that these requirements will help keep a healthy rotation on the court and will prevent older justices “hanging on” to get the desired combination of President & Senate to before retiring.

So what your saying is if Biden packed the court, then in 4 or 8 years republicans win the popular vote" . . . it wouldn’t be a “majority” of the time and they shouldn’t pack to swing the court again? Really?

No packing the court. How about waiting to see how the court actually rules. You know where there have been some surprise votes by justices. Could be more. Maybe you guys will like the court rulings. Right now you are doing a knee jerk reaction.

Just give them a term limit. Or make them retire at 70.

that would require a consitutional amendment which has zero chance of passing

I have no problem with eliminating the current filibuster rule but the SCOTUS should stay as is.

A term limit would however make sense.

6 of the 9 SCOTUS justices have been appointed by Republicans, who have lost the popular vote in 7 of the last 8 (soon to be 8 of 9) last popular votes in national elections.

“We’re a Republic not a democracy” in practice means the most aggressively conservative misinterpretations and judicial review to implement a conservative agenda that has been rejected by a majority of the electorate.

So yeah it’s time to stop playing footsie. Add states, add justices, redistricting, neuter the electoral college, nuke it all.


What we need is a 67 vote majority in the senate for confirmation.

Exactly. Democrats should not disarm after the minority has persistently gotten its way.

We cannot last long as a republic if that is to be the case.

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Hardball. Win. Then savor the tears of defeated fascists.

I didn’t realize liking court decisions was a requirement.

I liked about 0 percent of Ginsburg’s rulings.

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Nah, ■■■■ that. I’m confident that the right will be taught a lesson in retaliatory savagery that will discourage any future revenge.

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I’d like to form a constitutional convention to address the judiciary and the electoral college.

The House of Representatives can act as delegates.

And if not, up the barricades.

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So simple majority rules. For everything? ■■■■ everyone who doesn’t agree? Just like Obama?

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DC and Puerto Rico.