Shifts in the Political Winds? The Unwoke Awakening?

…and we have the tater to prove it.

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the NYC metropolitan area is almost 10 times the population of Idaho.

sure a few people are moving to idaho. good luck to them.


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If they’re undocumented, how does the government do a background check that is supposed to happen when they buy a gun?


Y’all better hold it together until I get my boat.

I catch you crazy kids civil warring before then I’m gonna put my ■■■■■■■ bong down. :rofl:


They need to outlaw vote harvesting to save Cal and the west coast.

Nah, we just tell lunatic leftists from NY, NJ, PA et Al to shut the ■■■■ up and go back to whatever ■■■■ hole they came from. They’re dead give aways during winter months, the tags on the cars give them away.
And those ■■■■■■■ accents! :laughing:
Grocery stores, restaurants, rude selfish no common courtesy. They drive like they own the roads.
■■■■ em all

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It’s Illinois and that judge is an Obama appointee. The ruling can be overturned. Illegals can’t legally purchase firearms they have no legal status and can’t submit legally ATF Form 4473.
Huntah Biden lied on his and his balls are in a vice over it.
This activist judge has basically sanctioned illegal firearm possession by those in the country illegally.
Nice. “Fundamentally change America”

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Possession vs. FFL purchase.

:rofl: No. If they have the right to possess it, they have the right to buy it.

This is going to be interesting.