Shifts in the Political Winds? The Unwoke Awakening?

I don’t have a point in that regard. I am simply observing the strategies in play. Those two points are, I think, more outcomes. Which will of course drive adjustments in strategies.

Red states redder and blue states bluer (we need to change that) serves neither side unless there are changes in the House/EC as we see in Texas. I think it does further go down the path of dissolution though. We see states fighting back against the far overreaching central government.

I think that will grow. Consent of the governed applies to states as well as people. Look at the ignoring of SCOTUS edicts for example.

Yes, I think the experts are surprised. It’s pretty much always worked in the past, this viral contamination of liberalism by neo-Marxism. This taking from producers by the takers.

Perhaps Ruling Class vs Rural Class is as much (or more) about mindset as it is geography.

Gramsci posited that England (and the US) didn’t embrace Marxism and rise up because the cultural battlefield wasn’t prepared. He was absolutely correct.

Since then, they have been working on prepping the battle space.

The problem they have is they make “heady advances”, then push too hard too fast. They make a small advance, get excited, and order the full assault.

They consistently underestimate the moral foundations. The collective DNA. And human nature-which is the real problem. Their entire theory defies human nature-and they simply don’t understand that fact.

Which is why they must use fascist tactics to force the taking and hegemony. Why they will always fail; unless they can find a way to fundamentally transform human nature.

Lao Tzu is shaking his head.

Their biggest problem is

This society in which we live does not immiserate the workers but helps them to build a better life. Max Horkheimer

Revolution requires immiseration.

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I don’t think Hanlon’s Razor applies here.

Thank you…

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They appear to be tax payers for the most part. :wink:

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…and just wait until Trump begins deporting illegal aliens. That’s when this matter will come to the breaking point.


Perhaps. But it won’t be because critprogs are altruistic. They don’t care about these people.

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This adds even more potential fuel to this upcoming fire and I believe it was for that “woke” purpose.

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Altruism begins with handing out food and clothing in front of the nightly news cameras. And it ends when the cameras are turned off with the call…bus “those people” the ■■■■ outta here.


Ugh. Problem is they want to enact the same ■■■■ they say they are running away from. Not all, mind you, but many. They don’t see the policies they want us to adopt made their state what it was they wanted to leave.

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I think they are in denial. And have faith it will work “this time.”

The denial is “we weren’t allowed to do enough” or “we weren’t given enough time.”

Look at what they blame their gun control failures on in Chicago.

“Ours doesn’t work because Indiana isn’t following along! Make them!”

One of the core problems with collectivism.


It matters little what 1,000 sheep say if a wolf has a different opinion.

It’s why they can’t tolerate free men.

I don’t think this is stated enough…they have completely contamination the very meaning of liberalism to point it’s terminal.

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Competence exodus from a failing area always makes me a little sad.

But then I remember the retards self-inflicted it.

One of the major problems with “our democracy” I guess.

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They do tend to steal and then redefine terms. Marketing.

…weakly pointing fingers instead of strongly looking in the mirror.


South carolina has experienced this. I have seen quite a few new york license plates around. They bring their bad political ideas along with their bad driving.


Constitutional liberalism. Mmmm…tasty

i dont either.

One of the first rules of leftism is that their ideas are never bad. It’s just that they haven’t done enough of it yet.


regardless of who moves where, Idaho remains spud-tastic