Sheriffs Keeping Their Oaths

In more than half the state’s total counties, the sheriffs are refusing to enforce tyranny.

Each and every one of them has a sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and they are doing it. Well done.

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Fire them all. If you can’t do your job, you shouldn’t have it.

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They are doing their jobs. Sheriffs are elected. The 2nd Amendment exists.

Ignoring the law idoesnt equate to doing their jobs.

They are following The Law.

See: Supremacy Clause

No, they’re ignoring the will of the people who legally passed a ballot measure.

Honestly, I don’t care, though. What happens in rural Washington State is not my concern.


No, they are following the Constitution they are sworn to uphold. We don’t vote on rights, remember.

Maybe these are the all new 2nd Amendment…sanctuary sheriffs?

That’s happening in New Mexico.

I’m all for it. Let’s have a few cities where all gun fanatics want to live. Perfect solution.

Gun fanatics. How very telling.

More like Constitution fanatics.

It’s not cities, it’s counties.

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Then why are you here?

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Gun violence is a national emergency. We’re being invaded. Must take action.


To remind you that you’re wrong on guns. It’s a national emergency. You better move to a gun sanctuary county soon.

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Political posturing by the sheriff’s… Beyond the storage requirements, which of the provisions in 1639 would the sheriff’s enforce? The firearms dealers are required, under federal law, to apply state laws in selling firearms. This is enforced by the ATF not the sheriff’s…

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Exactly. They are Kim Davis wanna-be’s

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Can we just make one state, let’s say Texas, and just not have any laws there, and then people who support people breaking the law can all move there. Are there enough of those people to fill Texas? Maybe RI?

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Keeping and bearing arms is not breaking the law.

It is not only not a crime to be armed in this country, it is a right to do so.

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There are limits to the 2A, according to the Supreme Court. Laws can be passed that can introduce limits to the 2A. You have the right to keep and bear arms, but the people have the right to put limits on that right.

Interesting idea. Would that be where we would put illegal aliens and their supporters?