Shannon Isn't Even Trying Anymore

It’s none of your business. It is a right.

Obviously you’re not in the same crowds.


So only SOME rights, I can walk right with you, gun on my hip and you would NEVER know. Legal owners are not the danger. But you know that already


Were they used by the legal owners, or were they stolen by someone just prior to being used.

You want my guns, you are more than welcome to come knock on my door and ask for them. Thing is, you will use others to do this.

You should have quit.

I’ll go with the former…Do you have any info to prove otherwise?

And why is that??

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Do you have proof of your claim?
PRETTY sure ANY shooter under 21 who used a handgun didn’t obtain it legally, long gun shooters under 18 didn’t obtain legally.

I noted that you totally ignored the last part, typical. Want to attack the rights of others THEN use others to enforce your restrictions. No balls to try @yourself

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Wind it in a bit please.

As soon as they quit trying to come after our rights.
AG going after parents, continued attack on the 2nd, where will it stop?

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Right in the link I provided…80% of guns used in mass shootings were obtained legally. It didn’t say they were stolen.

What you are ignoring is that 99% of mass shooters hadn’t killed or even harmed anybody up until the minute they start the mass shooting.

Your opinion is noted…


Did this child in this shooting “obtain the weapon he used legally”?

Was he in lawful possession at the time of the first shot he fired?

I guess he’s in the minority of mass shooters then isn’t he?

No, actually probably not. However it does render your link irrelevant. Grasping at straws, just like Shannon.

We’re obtained by the actual shooter?
Or legally obtained by a relative.

Not that it makes a damn bit of difference to gun grabbers such as yourself.

How is that? A poster stated that legal gun owners aren’t a problem…My link proves otherwise. Prove the link wrong.