Shannon Isn't Even Trying Anymore

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, suggested that Texas lawmakers share blame for the shooting. “Earlier this year, Texas lawmakers further weakened the state’s gun laws by passing permitless carry to allow people to carry hidden, loaded handguns in public with no background check or safety training,” she tweeted to her 500,000 followers.

Forget warm corpses, they’re not even waiting for them to bleed out anymore. :rofl:


Nobody died.

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She probably didn’t know that at the time. :wink:


You see how they blame a law that had absolutely nothing to do with it? It never ends.


Now is not the time…Too soon. Aren’t those the standard responses?

(No idea who she is, and haven’t followed the story,and have no opinion either way)

Don’t forget “thoughts and prayers”.

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When I witness a youth commit a heinous crime and wonder why? I usually don’t have to look any further than the parenting. How about in this case?

He’d escaped a difficult childhood, with a father beaten to death and mother behind bars, according to family members and court records.

Arlington school shooting suspect excelled in studies despite bullying, family says (

Now mama is setting up a Go-Fund-Me page to garner money, to help her boy deal with the trauma of the vicious crime he committed.

GoFundMe removes page launched for Texas school shooting suspect – Law Officer

The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree and the problem isn’t guns. It’s the culture with in this family that would decide a gun is appropriate in dealing with their life’s situation.


So just trolling?

And jumping on the bandwagon?

Just pointing out the usual go to response of those on the other side of the issue. The posters comment is no different…Just the other side of the coin.

We’re talking about you and your posts, not others.

If you read the thread, maybe you’ll see why those posts are relevant and yours aren’t.


Right…Me AND what I was responding to.

Do you see the difference?

No…There is none.What I was responding to puts it in context.

The difference is, he is right, you are wrong. Shannon et al, jumped out too soon. Blamed a new law that had zero impact on this incident. Zero.

If she had waited a day and thought for a second, and maybe learned something about the law, she might have done better. But then she wouldn’t be the dumbass she is. Of course she doesn’t care, she’s pulling 6 from Bloomberg and fools’ donations.

And you came along and tried to clever.


No…with the gun crowd its always too soon, not the time, or you are politicizing a tragedy… Which is what the poster was implying with his “the bodies are still warm” comment.

Is blaming a law that had absolutely nothing to do with the incident to push for more laws not politicizing a tragedy?


:rofl: “gun crowd”. I am in the rights crowd. Speech crowd, worship crowd, illegal search and seizure crowd…

What crowd are you in?


Im in all the same crowds, But I stop at people walking around with a gun on their hip, or slung over their shoulder…And I’ll add in, it’s a womans choice, and legalize drugs, everything except heroin.