SF soldier submits to waterboarding to prove a point


Maybe with all the coverage and debate about it he’ll consider finally doing it. I’m sure some charity would benefit greatly.


That would be a noble cause.


Agreed, it will benefit a goid charity and it will finally prove that waterboarding is not torture. Two birds with one stone.


I would make a donation for sure.


I would too.


Your buddies doing it out on the lawn in the sunshine in no way compares to the CIA doing it to a prisoner.

Having said that, the lady is eminently qualified and should be confirmed. Dems should stop playing games with this.


As I understand it she said she would not return to waterboarding, so the whole issue is made up.


Not that big of a deal. We used to routinely waterboard our own people in high risk positions along with all of the other techniques used under the “Enhanced Interrogation” program along with quite a few more that were very strenuous.

That was the whole point of what we termed SERE training. Pilots, SOCOM personnel, high ranking officers subject to an elevated likelihood of being targeted for kidnapping etc would all get this type of training and more.


Permanent harm.


Sadomasochism - cool


No, S&M is about pleasure for both parties.

SERE training is about preparing you mentally for how you are likely to be treated as a prisoner.

It isn’t fun for anyone involved it is simply necessary.


I’m sure you believe that.


It isn’t a matter of belief it’s simply a matter of fact.

Sexual perverts get off on acts the rest of us find repugnant.

The training is necessary for people at high risk of capture to prepare them for what they are likely to face and it helps a great deal.


I’m applauding right now.


“Some reason” being that they are terrorists?


A judge? :rofl:


And the global salafi jihad is not?


He’s absolutely correct.


Good post.

It compares, but it’s not the same thing so it doesn’t prove.


A military tribunal…or some type of oversight that’s removed, highly respected and deemed completely neutral.