SF soldier submits to waterboarding to prove a point

This will likely get some traction on talk radio tomorrow. Green Beret Tim Kennedy allegedly submitted to waterboarding to prove it isn’t torture in support of Ms. Haspel’s appointment to the CIA leadership:


Does this prove that waterboarding isn’t torture, but is merely “uncomfortable” in order to extract intel from a reluctant captive?

No. And a Green Beret is a hat. Also worn by Girl Scouts.

I played Call of Duty as “Special Forces” soldier… Do I get to wear a tab now?

Depends on your kill to death ration, and whether your CoD avatar underwent SERE training.

She was not in charge and she broke no laws. She has been quite clear that she is one hundred percent good with the newer laws and regulations. She is highly competent and would probably be very good at the job. This whole thing has got to be pure politics, there is no real solid reason to oppose her.

And he knows when it it will end. And he knows he won’t be allowed too die. And he knows he’ll be home soon.


Agreed and what this video shows distinctly that this isn’t the kind of “torture” some have imagined it is.

Are there varying degrees of torture? Or is there a clear line when “enhanced interrogation” becomes torture?

More importantly, are they repeating “I’m not torturing you.” as they’re doing it?

That’s certainly a contributing factor. It ain’t torture if they don’t announce it as such. :wink:

Yes…there’s definitely varying degrees of torture IMO. There may be a level that is labeled enhanced interrogation techniques but that’s a PC term.

So to your mind is waterboarding a form of torture?

Yep that guy isn’t being tortured.

Yes but the question is, is it acceptable under the conditions it’d save lives? Now you enter the sticky wicket. I say it is but placing this power in the hands of government is stupid. Not using it in times when it’s necessary is also stupid…hence…the sticky wicket.

I respect.your willingness to call it what it is.

Would you be OK if the police used this on your son or daughter if they were questioned for some reason?

The time and place where as I’d consider it acceptable are few and far between. There’d have to some sort of approval for it authorized by a judge in a court setting. It’s not an authority that should be given easily.

Didn’t our host offer to get water boarded at one time to raise money for charity?

Yep, he did.

To benefit soldiers’ families, yes.

That’s the allegation, anyway.