SF soldier submits to waterboarding to prove a point


There’s a time for these techniques and I wouldn’t hesitate when the time is right. It’s determining the “right time” that’s the sticky wicket.


Doesn’t exist. Ask Safiel about military tribunals.


@Safiel what do you think?


I understand but this is a scenario where there needs to be a governing body, that understands the ramifications, the law, our intent and act as a governing body over the decision of when the level of potential danger to the US and it’s citizens, to use these techniques on enemy combatants.


Like a Court? Something like a high court? Like supreme even?

How do you think they would vote?


Maybe we could find a judge who was a POW or went to SERE in the 80s?

She did the right thing taking it off the table.


He didn’t have to go through the trouble. Anyone interested could already find quite a few videos of people enjoying it. The scenario matters a lot here, in my opinion, and that guy isn’t a prisoner.


We already know that there are sexual perverts in the military. Few I suppose, but they are there.


There are a lot, depending on how you define pervert.


I’m sure you believe that.


so the purpose of the program to to teach people how to handle being tortured by their captives?


It’s not a question of belief. I’ve been on both ends of Code of Conduct training.



What does the SERE acronym stand for?


You should not give the power of torture to anyone because eventually someone with abuse that power - no doubt one of your “perverts”.


I don’t need to have done that so put your “I’ve been there” card back in your wallet…


not sure what that has to do with it, but then again torture is a horrible way to get information.


Is that what you think happens?


You’re killing expertise.

Yeah, you do.


I have no idea how they’d vote because an event hasn’t happened yet that warrants such a decision but I believe a governing body, overseeing the military’s request to use these techniques, is necessary.


Is it?