SF soldier submits to waterboarding to prove a point



Uh oh…boom goes the pro-enhanced interrogation argument.


well, this could just be to get confirmed. she can change her mind again later.


You know better than that, WR. At least you used to. You remember John Yoo, dont you?
Torture memos?


All of a sudden people here think the FBI, CIA and other law enforcement entities are never wrong and want to give them the power to torture.

Are you sure you want this even under an evil Democratic government?


They’re correct when it comes to torture. Incompetent when it comes to investigating trump and his cronies. So I’ve heard, anyway.


So I answer your question honestly and you come with a response like the above because you couldn’t accept a real answer that I would have failed has a parent?

Do I think the Police, FBI, CIA , Government have issues at times and bad apples of course can they all use improvement of course.
But your statement can be turned on you and other Liberals who cry about Police Brutality and racism in police forces and wanting them to be the only ones with firearms. Giving those racists cops all the power so to speak.


I don’t think any such thing. How do you know what people think?


Well, the CIA isn’t an investigative agency. And the FBI claims they didn’t have anything to do with “torture.”

So there’s that.


You people?


Any people.


I’ll be happy to if you’ll submit to the Reginald Denny treatment that you seem so eager to incite.


Police brutality is a crime. I think we agree racism is wrong. These are legitimate things that should be guarded against. Torture is another wrong that we should not legitimize.

A few fringe liberals might want all guns banned bit most do not. I think you would agree that banning all guns is an example of giving the government too much power in the pursuit of security. It seems to me that allowing the government torture falls into the same category…why would you condone this?


You seem to think you have a point here. Can you share it?


Congrats, you made that up.


…but that it sometimes produced valuable information and she understood the actions of her predecessors due to 9/11. IOW…there’s a time and a place but let’s hope that day never arrives.


Nothing to add, if you are just referring to Abu Ghraib.

This new forum layout is taking a little getting used to.


I’m just glad that idiot agreed to get waterboarded. Faking that it wasn’t torture must’ve been the worst.


And? When the administration found out about the abuse they dropped a hammer on the commander’s head and appropriately so.


Yes they did.

They also created the environment for that to happen.