SF soldier submits to waterboarding to prove a point


Would you feel the same way if it was the life of everyone you know at risk?


The Bush Administration most certainly did not. They had no idea what was going on there with respect to abuse of prisoners. As soon as it became known they dropped a hammer right where it belonged, on the facility commander’s head who did allow it.


Apples to anvils. We’re not talking about law enforcement.


War vs domestic law enforcement. If you’re on US soil you are entitled to constitutional protections.


Waterboarding is what got us Bin Laden a decade after the fact.


The stretch is in calling waterboarding torture.


Considering where some of your extended family comes from I would guess no more than 1-3 degrees of separation?


I wouldn’t submit to broccoli every day at lunch for a year.


Reagan had zero problems with enhanced interrogations.


That’s an old argument…a straw man…kinda like:
The Constitution isn’t a suicide pact.

State sanctioned torture is wrong and we don’t need it.


It isn’t straw, it just isn’t actually your family.


It’s easy to be self righteous and sanctimonious when you have nothing on the line and never will.


He said sanctimoniously.


Well that certainly makes a difference.


mEh - maybe it’s me.


That’s too bad. What’s your source on that?




i see i still have no takers on people volunteering to be waterboarded for a year (hour per day) and putting it on YouTube.

come on dudes, it will help your cause massively.


Nice to see that someone finally did it…charity event?


If my Daughter was involved in a terrorist organization that just killed many peoples lives and she was caught and had information about the leaders of the terrorist organization and refused to give them up.
1.) I had failed as a parent
2.) It would pain me that she was involved in it but i would be ok with torturing her if it could save more lives. even if it would hurt me to see her tortured.