Seriously, rule of law

Seriously if you believe in rule of law you have to vote for democrats.

I mean you can’t make this ■■■■ up.

Very same democrats that destroyed evidence, lied to FBI, used our goverment as a political weapon against their opponents, ignore laws concerning our immigration etc.

And “We The People” should take democrats seriously?

This must be a joke.

Hillary is still living rent free in your head I see!!!

I got a better one for you Trumpkins care about the rule of law!


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I keep getting cash and a note that says “Hillary rent” in the mail from someone who calls themself “anonymous lib on Hannity”

So she’s paid up for quite some time.

Nice, the generosity of some Americans will not go unnoticed!!!

What’s this thread about?

Benghazi or deep state…I can’t keep up!

Weren’t you enthusiastic about Donald weaponizing government to go after his enemies at Amazon?

Eat yer peas, lib.

Nothing but hatred and bitterness.

I’d hate to see how much worse it would have been if dear leader hadn’t lost.

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It’s amazing - everything these Trumpkins say is projection.

If you think either party had the people’s best interest in mind you are fooling yourself.

If you want a multiple tier justice system…you vote for a democrat.

If you want to weaponize government…you vote for a democrat.

If you want to sell out America interest for campaign donations…you vote for a democrat.

If you want to give illegals special status…you vote for a democrat.

If you don’t believe in our Constitution…you vote for a democrat.

If you want to ban guns…you vote for a democrat.

If you want to fund abortions…you vote for democrat.

If you feel goverment owes you…you vote for a democrat.

Sorry Conan, your whining is barley audible over the sound of Trump counting the half billion in funding he received from China.

Whining about the left as usual…or do as I say not as I do…so projection

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I see what conan is doing…he is getting out ahead of trump ignoring the judges orders that he cant block people on twitter…

I won’t be happy until libs authoritarian ideology rots in ash heaps of history.

It lives, dies, and grows again to its disease form periodically. It is ancient. (It is hilarious how “progressives” think they are onto something new)

The socialistic aspects -which necessarily include the totalitarian mentality - and the feminist influence are apparent is Aristophanes’ Ecclesiazusae , a comedic dramatization of socialism and feminism that the Greeks used to ridicule what we do indeed see today in many libs. That was about 2500 years ago.

Just an example.

And while the libs are not the same as the Bolsheviks, their naivete and arrogance was instrumental in opening the gates for the bolsheviks to take control over a hundred years ago in Russia…

They are led by despicable filthy vultures of humanity… like Hillary Clinton.

If you feel government owes you? More like if you feel government should be used to force society to give you something for merely breathing is more like it.

One major contrast between cons and libs:

Cons: Go out and earn it.

Libs: You didn’t build that.

…and replaced with conservative authoritarian rule…

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Wouldn’t authoritarian be like telling someone to stand for the flag or get out? That’s opposite of conservatism and libertarianism but go ahead and keep calling us libs! Lol