Serious Question on The Border Crisis-Illegal Immigration

I have a serious question and am hoping for an honest discussion.

Democrats, especially progressives and crits:

Why do you support and defend the mass influx of illegal aliens we are seeing in this administration?

What is your vision with this? How do you see the outcome?

I know there is a need to support your party’s platform and your current officials’ policies, but please set that aside and let’s discuss it.

What is the reason behind this support, defense, whatever you want to call it?

Many Democratic Party voters favor stronger border security and immigration reform. Will Biden listen?

The negotiations on Ukraine funding and stricter border protections have exposed a growing rift between President Biden and his own party. Republican hard-liners have demanded a bill that mirrors policies advanced during the Trump administration, especially ones related to asylum seekers, increased border security and the mandate that companies institute the E-Verify employment eligibility system.

Democrats such as Representative Pramila Jayapal called the proposals “cruel, inhumane and unworkable,” but Republicans believe they have found solid ground with voters. Recent polling suggests the Republicans are right. A CBS News/YouGov poll released on Sunday found that 68 percent of Americans disapprove of Mr. Biden’s handling of border security.

There are many, both inside and outside his party, who believe that by agreeing to the Republican deal, Mr. Biden would be surrendering too much moral high ground and any future policy leverage. But in fact, this is a chance for him to make meaningful border-security policy changes and redefine his party as the home of an aspirational multiethnic, working-class coalition.

Securing the borders of a sovereign state isn’t racism — it’s among the first responsibilities of government. And many voters, including Democrats, are demanding that the Biden administration do a better job with that responsibility. A recent Fox News poll showed that fully 22 percent of Democrats favor Republican candidates on border security.

What makes supporting illegal immigration “moral high ground”?

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I find it interesting that Western Europe has turned ship seeing the political winds that’s been forming on illegal migration, but the current US administration has been driving forward at full speed on more illegal immigration.

The numbers to are just ridiculous what 8 million poor non English speakers? How does that help the social safety net. The strangest thing for me is to take a chance to lose a national election on such a ridiculous thing, not lower heath-care costs, better infrastructure but lose a national election on more illegals to burden the taxpayers, hospitals, and school system.

Even Charlemagne the God is saying everyone he interviews is complaining about it and saying the numbers are to much to fast.

Again…not true.

Biden is carrying out precisely what most democrats want. Democrats are in charge, democrats are running Biden admin unfettered.

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Today, many Democratic politicians are willing to accept high levels of undocumented immigration and oppose enforcement measures that the party once favored. Some Democrats, especially on the left, argue that the government doesn’t even have the power to reduce migration much.

Than it goes on to say

The first thing to know is that views on immigration aren’t static. During Trump’s presidency, Americans became more favorable to immigration, evidently in reaction to Trump’s opposition to it. Consider this: By the end of his presidency, the number of Americans who favored increasing immigration exceeded the number who favored decreasing it for the first time in six decades of Gallup polling.

Funny that…it was opposition to Trump and MAGA is very reason why they support mass illegal migration.

Notice how after immigration has become a liability they’re some that’s back tracking…some.

Biden is still doing exactly what democrats want. Biden is the democrats, and democrats is Biden. They’re one and the same.

And even than it’s only very moderate in democrat party that’s changing there minds. Radicals think they’re haven’t been enough migration. That means 90 percent of forum libs think that way.

This information is from NYSime.

More on this.

there are 213 democrat congress members…14 voted with republicans in denouncing there own party…14!

That is not many democrats.

So want to lie…I mean BS us some more?

Many democrats my ass…

I don’t know how many but I am a registered Democrat and I am against both illegal immigration and gun control.


If congress is example than you’re among 6.6 percent.

I kinda doubt it. Most Democrats like me probably live in or are from more red areas of the country

Than you’re congress person isn’t representing you.

I THINK their compassion is being taken advantage of by their party. The party knows they can capitalize with future voters, so they play the compassion card to glaze over the doe eyed base’s eyes. But that’s just what I think of the ones not acting nefariously.

That doesn’t mean much. There isn’t a congressman of any party that agrees with me on everything. Should a rural Democrat move to a city so their congressman “represents “ them?

You do what you want…facts are 6.6 percent of democrat congress critters voted with repugs.

That’s a fact.

It’s not many…it’s a few.

Biden is doing precisely what your party wants.

I said many, not most. The poll says that 22 percent of Democrats not only disagree with Biden’s handling of the border, they actually “favor Republican candidates on border security.”

Dems don’t support an influx of illegals that’s just gaslighting from the right.


Now who’s gaslighting?

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Only 6.6 percent of Democratic congresspeople voted with repugs to denounce the president. You’re making it sound like only 6.6 percent support stronger border security. That’s not true.

Dems are governing and the “influx” is happening.


What is the true number?