Senator Ted Cruz vs. Hollywood

So Milano “debated” Senator Ted Cruz on gun control.

I listened to some of it. One thing I thought was interesting is it was 3 on 1. She didn’t go alone.

Any other thoughts?

Glad they talked, dear lord if Alyssa Milano can talk to Ted Cruz you would think our politicians could work better together. Those two are Yin and Yang apart.

Alyssa Milano? The Clinton escort? :thinking:

No libs?

Who’s the Boss?

The Hollywood crowd loves the idea of gun control (for the little people) but have their own armed guards.

Hypocrites one and all.

Can only speak for myself but, meeting with Alyssa Milano? Doesn’t he have anything productive to do?


That’s what I was thinking. I thought conservatives didn’t care what the Hollywood crowd thought?

Any worse than bringing Ted Nugent and Kid Rock around?

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She said that what has happened to her in the past was that the person on the hill that she wanted to meet with would tell her that he/she didn’t have the time. So she was pleasantly surprised when Cruz’s office called and told her that a meeting was all set up.

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So no comments on her not coming alone?

Oh I imagine it was the victims father that got her foot in the door. Avoiding bad press of refusing to meet with him.

I certainly wouldn’t bring Nugent around, don’t know much about Rock.

Ted Cruz is a cringing spineless little weasel anyway so who cares?


Who cares? Did she bring people there to assault him? No. Ted Cruz is a snake, I don’t know if a meeting with him can be productive, it’s possible.

Would you support requiring all gun owners go through the same licensing and training that armed guards require?

Why? Do you want the next mass shooter to be better at it?

It’s funny that the only two actual “Hollywood” presidents were Republicans. And probably the two most popular now.

Just trying to determine who is hypocritical in that comparison.

They are, trained and licensed or not, they can afford 24/7 armed protection the average American can’t.

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