Senator Kamala Harris rejects White Call call: "we want nothing to do with you" (7-9-2018)



I will let you continue on with your sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. This is America so you have that right. Good luck with that.


What’s big lie of Trumps did I miss… Wall funding from Mexico…LMAO. I don’t expect an answer, because I never one. Or I get some long list of noting burgers which is hiding behind volume. So, if you can muster it. Give me his biggest lie.

It’s like asking for the super ad the Russians came up with on face book that hacked dems brain…

Dems are sure a lot of laughs…


Truth no longer matters. The only thing that matters is remaining in power, and utilizing the government to ensure the opposition party never regains power. After all, Democrats weaponized the government against conservatives first. Therefore, anything done to them is justified.

We can’t afford to allow Democrats to ever hold the levers of power again. Otherwise, they may reverse the gains made by Republicans.


Serious question my friend. When did you leave the GOP? Or when did they leave you?


Indeed! Encourage her to run on that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So now is trump does not lie. Okay then


Serious answer. During Bush II first term, I voted for him, but I came to regret my decision.

Became an independent, as I felt neither party could really be trusted to make good on their promises.


so wait… you are cool with Trump constantly lying?


I can completely understand the timing. I personally left a little earlier than you, back during the Clinton years, but also because I no longer trusted them as a party to make good on their promises. I never trusted the Democrats either, which has left me party-less for a long time now.


How about North Korea is no longer a threat. LOL. Thats a whopper of a lie.



Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have a First Past The Post voting system?


When has North Korea ever been a threat to the United States?


why the sanctions then. LOL



To get them to play by our rules.

Still doesn’t make them a threat.


Honestly, I’m so torn on this one. In theory, absolutely, considering that we have this two-party system that has rigged everything to maintain just a two-party system. On the other hand, if we as Americans were not so apathetic, and enjoyed complaining more than spurring to action, then perhaps we could legitimately work to develop a true third or fourth party options. So, the government we have is the government we deserve, along with the voting methods.


Well certainly Obstruction of Justice is treason and a reason to be locked up. However it’s her prerogative to confirm or not. If he is unworthy then they need to vote “No”!


When it has a missle that can hit the State of Hawai’i


Ok. Our system of voting encourages the two-party system. Whenever a third party gets involved, that party pulls voters that would otherwise be voting for the major party more closely aligned with their preferences. (Not sure if I worded that clearly). If we were allowed to rank our votes, so that all of the candidates we like get the highest rank, and the candidates we don’t like get the lower ranks, we wouldn’t be at risk of splitting the vote.

As far as apathy. We don’t exactly make it easy to vote. When i lived in S. Korea I found out that voting day is a holiday! Why can’t we have something like that over here? Or at least have our voting day be on the weekend? I don’t know about you, but it’s a major inconvenience trying to get to the polls before work, and after work? I’m tired and I don’t want to wait in a line.

Ok, maybe i’m apathetic too.


You have to take a call from Don McGahn? That makes no sense whatsoever. Nothing requires a Senator to have to take a phone call from the White House counsel. :laughing:


And Cool with Russia. And cool with NK. Kim and Vlad are good guys according to the ■■■■ for Brains in Chief.