Senator Kamala Harris rejects White Call call: "we want nothing to do with you" (7-9-2018)

I think I have my candidate for 2020.

Puts up with no BS from the Trump camp.


That is even more childish than flying a balloon over the Queens noggin.

Run with it, the adults will handle the policy.


What rejecting a call from the liar in chief.

Thats a good move.


Good point. Hopefully the adults include Lyin’ Ted, Crazy Joe Biden, Sleepy Joe Biden, Low Energy Jeb, Weak Ben Carson, Crooked Hillary, Lyin’ Hillary, Little Marco, Al Frankenstien, and Wacky Jacky.


I am encouraging you to show the middle class how life gets better by closing doors, phones, and minds.

Why would anyone, in their right mind, take a call from this White House?

The sting of election rhetoric lasts long on you.

Nothing I can help with.

I enjoy watching president Trump shrug off the unfocused losers and accomplish solid gains for the middle class.

When its your job to confirm the SCOTUS pick…You kinda have to.

…or not…

will be hard to help the middle class once the pelosi takes control of the house.


The cognitive dissonance is stunning.


Punishing the middle class is an interesting Pelosi election strategy.

Says who?

She is not going to vote to confirm him so no need to talk to him at all. Do you think anything he could say to her will change her mind?

She has better things to do with her time.

What a fine temperament to display.

When the house goes Blue, there will be no Trump legislative agenda,

Poof and its gone.


Trump supporter complaining about temperament?

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LOL at saying that after Republicans refused to even consider Garland.

You guys have zero moral grounds to stand on anymore.

Combined with zero capacity for self-reflection.

Thank goodness we have a POTUS who rises above the childishness of the times and shows us how an adult leads.

Geez, turns out they do believe in PC, just not for their side. What a shock.

You forgot Pocahontas.