Senator Kamala Harris rejects White Call call: "we want nothing to do with you" (7-9-2018)


It is the president’s prerogative to nominate anyone he so chooses to be the next Supreme Court Justice. It is her job to confirm his pick. By refusing to vote yes on his nominee she is potentially guilty of obstruction of justice, and deserves to be locked up.

This is borderline treasonous. There, i said it. I know what the punishment is for treason, and that’s why I feel I’m being generous by only demanding she be sent to jail.


You need to stop you’re terrible at this.


What is this?


It’s almost like she learned to be the party of no from someone else…if I can just remember where that was…


At least we won’t have to hear her complain about how she wasn’t given the opportunity for input.


If the dem regain power mark my words…they are going to punish the very people that supported Trump.

Their vindictiveness knows no bounds.


Please don’t lecture anyone about PC ever again.


You need to work on your satire. It’s too obvious.


Trump? Shrugging things off?! Since when?


I’m a bit rusty. However, I do strive to make it obvious, otherwise I would just sound like some of the people that I don’t bother reading.


No that would be the party that supports legalized Infanticide.


Wait. Trumpanzees complaining about childishness? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


I know…I got quite a chuckle out of that one.


As soon as you show us how tariffs, cuts in benefits, workers’ ability to organize, killing retraining programs, and tax cuts/regulation changes designed solely to pour more money towards the top in dying industries benefits the middle class.


History has shown that trickle down economics works every time it’s tried. Who do you think the job creators are?


Here you go…


Yes. That’s the kind of candidate I want to see the Democrats select too. None of that pandering to the middle class from the fly over states. Pick someone strong on the issues important to Hollywood.


I…love it. She’s definitely who libs need to get behind.


You posted me a link to an article that says what trump has done will have absolutely no effect on the economy and certainly not grow fast enough to contain exploding deficits.

And you think this answers the question I asked…how, again, exactly?


Please, by all means, collapse on the fainting couch over the incivlity of all this whole defending Trump acting like a thirteen year old Twitter troll.