Senator Fetterman News Notes Overcoming Stroke

John Fetterman at the SOTU.

His guest was a man wrongly incarcerated for 28 years. Good cause!

One disappointment was Giselle being too busy fighting fires to make it.

**One person who was not with the senator Tuesday was his wife, Gisele. **

She tweeted that she was disappointed that she could not attend. Instead, she was in her turnout gear as part of her volunteering as a firefighter in Braddock.

Braddock was safe that night.


Some pretty good company for Fetterman.

I like it.

WSJ: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., John Fetterman’s Israel Support Makes Them ‘Political Gadflies’ to the Left

“Squatters have no rights,” Fetterman said, adding that the issue was one he often dealt with when he was mayor of working-class Braddock, Pa. “How can you even pretend that this is anything other than you’re just breaking the law?”


Have to agree that squatters should not have any right to occupy a property.

Watched a “documentary” about squatters in the UK and had to wonder why groups of squatters take up residence in an empty building why they have to ■■■■ it up and basically live in filth.

I suppose if you have the mentality that you can live anywhere then your not going to be to concerned with keeping the property clean and maintained.

Fetterman is right again.

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The transformation in this thread is such a sweet microcosm for 25 years of cons.

May be this is what leaving Scientology looks like.

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He’s just better now that he’s a senator and not running. He is smarter than I thought, how immediately he positioned himself to the center. I was wrong about him and I’m glad I was. Of course he will vote mostly down the line (D) but he is now my favorite Democratic senator.

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It’s refreshing to hear a democrat take the positions he has. I can’t think of any other.


That’s fair and all but i think a huge part of it is because he is magnified for you guys in this thread

If you listen to others you’d hear it a lot more. Not all of course but definitely more than just him.


I think if you guys listen to other dems you would hear a lot of this. Not all of them of course as i said but def some and def more than just him

I’m trying to listen. I just don’t see many, if any on the left saying the same as him. I’m searching… especially regarding squatters in this climate.


When they have the goods the dear oppo posters relish posting links to emphasize their point.

Squatters is a state issue though. Are there dems in your state that are opposing harsher penalties for squatters?

Pennsylvania’s threshold for squatting is 21 years, at least for claiming adverse possession. I’ll have to research about tenants stopping rent, the process for eviction, etc.

Yeah adverse possession is different.

I actually think adverse possession is a good thing.

Used land is better than abandoned unused land but again that’s if you are there for 10-20 years with nobody trying to get you off their land

But yes squatters need to be severely charged etc.


Maybe he evolved.


The vortex of change is so unpredictable.


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The stroke! :blush:

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