Senate trial predictions

Make your predictions here. Questions are as follows.

  1. Will the senate impeachment trial take place?
  2. Will the chief justice preside over it?
  3. Will Trump be convicted?
  4. Will Trump be barred from holding further office?

My answers. 1)Yes, dems can’t help themselves, 2)No, he can read the constitution, 3)no, without the chief justice Republicans have alternate cover, 4)If he were to be convicted he will be barred, that’s the whole point.

Be nice if we could keep it civil, do it for Joe.

Isn’t the Chief Justice required to oversee the trial?

He is, when a President is tried. Trump is no longer a President.

The articles being sent over are tainted. Trump was offered no chance to defend himself.

Fruit of poison tree will be summarily rejected.

If not…Trump gets back in the media cycle and Sleepy Joe looks small again.

Congress painted itself into a corner with this.

He would defend himself at trial which is in the senate.


It would be a huge mistake so…I hope they do it.

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Why would you let him do that?

He might run again…That can’t be allowed.

It is always good sport to kick a defeated foe as the winner mangles his opportunity from day one.

IMO…if they pursue this, it will only bite them and not their intended target.

The goal is to stop Trump from running again in 2024 and nothing more.

I disagree. There is bipartisan support for the trial. There needs to be consequences/accountability for what happened on the 6th.

Trump being barred from running in 2024 is more beneficial to the gop than it is for dems.


The dems are stupidly going to go for it. I hear they don’t have the votes however.

Lindsey Graham (not that i entirely trust him) says that every republican other than maybe a couple(we know who they are :roll_eyes:) will vote against conviction. He thinks maybe they will pick up a dem vote as well.

Since they need a 2 thirds vote that leaves the dems out of luck except for picking up a lot of ill will.

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What exactly did the President say that you want him held accountable for? I’ll bet you can’t quote anything? I think you’re regurgibleating right now what you’ve eaten but…prove me wrong?

If any people really and truly need deprogramming imo it would be those who get 100 percent of their info from the LSM.

I would never support reprogramming because i believe in a free country.

Just saying those are in need if anyone is.

They will probably lose those few Republicans and maybe even some Democrats when the chief justice refuses to attend their show trial of a private citizen.

I suspect Romney and Murcowski will vote for it regardless. Romney is bitter that he lost the presidency and Trump won in 16.

The other is just a bitter Trump hater.

They may pick up Mansion i suspect. Graham reports McConnell is against the conviction.

Lying to his supporters about him winning the election in a landslide.

I don’t think you are right on this. Even the Federalist is saying Trump can be treid in the Senate.

I don’t think the timing of the impeachable offense has any bearing on the duty of the Senate.

the trial will take place

cj will preside (he can’t help himself, he’s probably giddy)

dems will grandstand

prez will be aquitted… forever… again

i am happy for it. we need something to keep republicans from folding up the tent and returning to leftist lite politics of the past.

The precedent you are setting would make it possible for any lame duck president to do whatever he wants - absue power, enrich himself, violate his oath in any way he chooses - and not face consequences.

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Millions of republicans will never go back to leftist lite politics.

If the gop is smart they will stay with a maga theme with or without Trump.