Senate now voting on final confirmation of Kavanaugh

Link to Senate live feed.

Senate will vote as soon as they clear the disruptive scum from the gallery.

Looks like the garbage has been taken out and the clerk can continue the roll call.


I believe Murkowski paired off with Daines who is absent, withdrawing her own no vote.

The voting is done, but 3 minutes remain on the voting clock, perhaps a first for the Senate. :smile:

This thread will remain unmolested.

I deleted the previous comment because the decision to do so had already been made. No need for “help.”

Evidently, wasn’t quite done, Carper just voted.

50 to 48

Kavanaugh confirmed. :smile:


McConnell successfully makes the procedural move of tabling the motion to reconsider, meaning that the Certificate of Advice and Consent can immediately be transmitted to the President, meaning Kavanaugh can be issued his commission and be sworn in immediately.

I believe they will waste no time in doing so.

Yay, Kavenaugh confirmed. :slight_smile:


Just barely though.

Was there any female senator who voted in the affirmative? I wasn’t there for the first part of roll call.

Susan Collins voted aye.

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Pretty telling where our country is at. I heard this was by far the closest to party lines any justice have been confirmed by.


Joni Ernst, Shelly Moore Capito and Deb Fischer voted aye as well.

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i breathe a sigh of relief for this country’s future and my kids


Yes. The relief is very much felt.

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Thank God for Justice Kavanaugh.

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Two words: Thank God!


so when does RBG retire? just wondering


That’s been on my mind as well. Given her health and age I think her retirement will be closer than what Democrats wants. Let’s hope trump has a second term.

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She probably will never retire but rather will leave office upon passing away(at some point) of old age.

he will. dont worry

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