Senate now voting on final confirmation of Kavanaugh

She will not voluntarily leave during a Trump administration and mentally she is still very sharp. Physically obviously is a question mark.

2020 so then Trump can’t nominate a replacement or McConnell has to go against his own precedent and use it as an election year issue.

Anyhow, I will wait for the November election before I even think of counting any chickens.

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Now…let’s move on to the midterms and hopefully those in middle America watched how their Senators voted and now…it’s their turn to vote on them.


Democrats are going to win the House and maybe the Senate. Who cares? Any downturn in the economy and the Republicans will be able to blame the Democrats, and Trump can sail to an easy win in 2020, while regaining control of both houses. At that point, Putin will have more flexibility in the “retirement” of RBG, and probably Breyer as well.

McConnell just said Democrats got the base of Republicans fired up over this ordeal. Here is to hoping midterms go our way!

you sure shed want to leave that seat vacant with so many actual interpretive constitutionalists?

Praise be to Ted

all hail president putin!

Yep. Let’s get those ads running and let’s see how the country reacts.

I think that what Trump is doing all across the US will pay big dividends in November for Rs.


I don’t think the dems win the senate this time around but yes any economic downturn will be blamed on the dems even before they are sworn in

I’ll toast that Menendez is toast.

The Senate doesn’t really matter, but it probably would be better for the Republicans if the Democrats get a slight majority. That way the argument that they’re at fault is even more compelling.

Again, not that it matters. The argument is going to work regardless.

You think Bob Menéndez is going to lose? Probably same time as Cruz

just dump your Kavanaugh bucket of ice on their heads that will cool them off while you drink you beer from your Kavanaugh stein. He just needs his own beer now. I’ll need to get a new red hat one that says 3 more to go.

Thank God that circus is over

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I’ll bet it’s not over. The November elections (midterms) are still crucial because if the Democrats win the House and the Senate, they’ll probably impeach Kavenaugh, as well as Trump and charge Trump with fraud or something after finding him “guilty” of colluding with Russia for the election.

After they are done undoing the Republican’s work, they’ll stack the courts with liberals who will make up laws to set precedent on the issues. Or they’ll keep the SC 4-4 so that lower courts can make rulings the SC normally would have, and then the next thing they’ll do is charge Trump with tax evasion or some other BS.

There’s no way the Democrats get the majorities they would need in order to do any of that.

They can try impeaching him until the cows come home.

Unless they can conjure up 67 votes in the Senate, it would just be an emission of Methane from both ends of their digestive tracts.