Sen. Sasse introduces anti-corruption bills

You’re not dealing with an honest broker here my friend. Too many breadcrumbs have been consumed at this point. Best to just move along brother. :slight_smile:

I did Answer! If anything seems suspicious in regards to defrauding the IRS it should be looked into. Whether be Tax Returns or Taking Federal aid and lying about it. All the same to me.

So do you think Ice should be abolished? being a conservative and all, I want your opinion.

Man, that took a bit. Thanks for answering “yes” to my question.

Apocalypto " The Great Cherry Picker of Crimes that should be investigated!"

Now a question for you! If A presidential candidate lied and defrauded the US by taking illegal foreign aid as a student, should that be investigated?

Yep. See how easy that was?

You wont answer my question because ( Apocalypto is the great Cherry Picker of what should be investigated by the IRS)

I just answered your freaking question. Lol!

Cool! Lets investigate Obama for not disclosing it.

I suggest you call fat donald and have Sessions investigate it.

Sessions is like one of those elf ornaments you hang on your tree, nice to look at, but has no purpose.

Well, then I suggest you call fat donald and suggest to have him fired.

He will after his first term is completed and the 2nd one starts.

You want limp ■■■■ Sessions for another two years? C’mon! Trust me, he’s not a white hat.

I would rather have a guy like Obamas who gets held in contempt of congress for not complying like Eric Holder.

I finally got an answer. Sometimes hard work pays off. Lol!


Its just another tactic of leftist progressive Democrats that too many cowardly Republicans buy into thinking that will make liberals like them and keep the vicious media off their backs. It won’t!

You’re saying this about Ben Sasse? Seriously?

Everything is a liberal/deep state plot. Haven’t you heard?