Sen. Sasse introduces anti-corruption bills

Seems like a pretty good wish-list, and therefore it’s probably dead on arrival.

Still, are there good reasons to oppose any of the above? Lifetime ban on lobbying and the banning of stock selling/buying in particular are going to ruffle feathers in Congress.

Great idea, long time coming but it ain’t gonna pass with the current crop of spineless maggots in congress.

The only one I could see is the tax return requirement for President and Vice President. Even though I personally like this provision, and believe that this should be done, and am highly skeptical as to why Trump opted not to (according to reporting it is because Trump is basically cash poor) at the same time, the Constitutional requirement to seek the office does not include anything about tax returns being released. I believe we would need a Constitutional Amendment to make that one fly. Which would never happen either.

But for the record, I really like Sen. Sasse and his ideas here.

Should include not accepting foreign donations, not just soliciting.

Good lets start with the FBI and DOJ working with the DNC to leak cherry picked classified information together to the media, to paint a false narrative of what was going on in the Russia Investigation. Thats more damaging than anything Russia could do. Not to mention the FBI and DNC working together to find russians to met trump via paying Fusion and the FBI paying Stefan Halper and Joseph Misfud.

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If being cash poor means you can put close to 100 million dollars CASH into something, I want to be cash poor!!!

None of the crap you just posted has anything to do with the OP. Stay on topic my friend and trust the plan!

Gov corruption is Gov corruption! Im gonna 'Cherry Pick Sasse!" is going to lose his reelection bid. He said in public he never considered himself conservative. How does it feel to know that the oversight committee is about to subpoena popadopalous to testify about his meetings with Halper (FBI Paid ) and Misfud (DNC Paid/ Clinton Donor), Downer( CGI Donor)?Especially that we now know Halper was paid by the FBI to meet with Popadopalous and Page and use his Russia contacts to create improprieties. Things are heating up!

-Do you think it’s a good idea that all presidential candidates release their tax returns?
-Do you think banning Cabinet officials and their spouses from soliciting foreign donations is a good idea?
-Do you think banning lawmakers from making money as lobbyists after they leave office is a good idea?


Means nothing as most of it was loans and then he used his own businesses and paid them.

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  1. If There was something wrong with Trumps taxes, FBI Mueller would have already been on him like he was with Manafort and Gates, Keep up the fake narrative of Tax Returns.

  2. I think its a great idea for us to not lobby for foreign donations, but lets make it apply to all, Congress, the Senate. Why just cherry pick the presidency? Adam Schiff is caught on tape begging Russians for naked pictures of Trump. There is more Russia collusion from Schiff than there was with Trump, Schiff was actually caught on tape pleading with Russians for information.

  3. I think thats a great Idea! Bob Mueller, and James Comey both made millions off lobbying for a private companies they worked for and used connections to secure bids for their company. Guess what DNC does it too! John Podesta is a perfect example. Heck the Clintons are the poster child of lobbying foreign governments for money by giving speeches.

What makes you think he hasn’t?

And your proof of this is? . . . .

Forget fat donald for a second, this has to do with future candidates, you wouldn’t want to see all of the future candidates’ (R or D) tax returns?

Good idea.


There you go.

Because he would have already been charged! Didnt take him a minute to charge manafort and gates, keep dreaming! He has nothing.

Why Stop at Tax Returns? Lets make sure they didnt take foreign aid at college like Obama, lets put them all under a lie detector test, lets ask their child hood friends if they ever stole milk money from someone. LOL you have to draw the line somewhere.

Let’s focus on tax returns. Do you think it would be a good idea if FUTURE presidential candidates are required to release their tax returns? This is not a trick question and it only requires a yes or no answer.

You see you are a one Trick Pony! Not Paying Taxes, and lying to get foreign aid for college tuition are both considered crimes of Defrauding the IRS. They are equally disturbing, and both punishable. Obama never released his College transcripts, and good on him for it! Trump should take Obamas lead and not release his tax returns. They are private citizens, and should not be subjected to this! How about we start with releasing your tax information! Didnt Maddow have an episode on Trumps Taxes, claiming she had them, and it backfired? Remember that? I do.

Ok, so you’re not going to answer? It’s a freaking simple question.

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