Sen. Sasse introduces anti-corruption bills


there is zero chance that Donald Trump will release his tax returns.

and if that guy ends up being almost broke, i’m gonna laugh my ass off regarding this con job.


I thought that Trump only hires the best.


I usually skip his posts too.


I disagree with the tax returns, it’s private.

Database of Congressional settlements? No, a quarterly report. One page. To the public.


It’s a knee jerk reaction. They don’t go very deep.


I misread your post. I agree. No foreign money.


What kind of foreign student aid is illegal?



I am getting that way with most Trumpkins. They lack any real ideas to debate.

They are like talking any group of extremists just more trollish.


I’d say many are.


The “loans” you see in the article are not loans to Trump.

He loaned money to his campaing. After the election he turned them into contributions.

So if you want to try again and have some facts that banks or his companies or russians loaned him nearly 100 million dollars I’ll be willing to look at it. But this 2016 article talked about Trump making loans to his campaign.


You are becoming unhinged.

I never said they were loans to Trump but money he loaned the campaign but the used to pay for services provided by companies he owned.

Just money moved around on paper.

Trump is way too sensitive about his money to not think that there is something there. When he did a comedy central roast the one rule he had was no jokes questioning his worth.


Trump’s total spending of $50 million also aligns with his recent stock sales.

No he sold stock he owned. So it wasn’t provided by his businesses. By law businesses can’t contribute to a campaign. So if that were the case, he would have had to take profit from his business (aka claim the profit on his taxes).

On selling the stock, Trump’s a shrewed business man (How else can you turn 200 million into billions of assets), and probably sold some stocks for a profit and others for a loss to even things out.

Most million and billionairs don’t keep 10’s of millions of dollars cash on hand. But they keep assests that are quickly and easily to cash.

So I’ll say it again. If being able to spend $50 million in a years time is cash poor. I wish I was cash poor too.


It’s been brought up before but there has never not been a crop of spineless maggots who would do what’s right for the good of the people they serve over serving themselves. Their insurance plan vs Obamacare makes my case. So please don’t pretend or kid yourself that one side is better than the other.


Interesting point.

Couldn’t states pass their own requirements to get on the ballot? And parties for that matter.

And yeah, I think they’re good ideas. So they’re doomed :smile:.


Not much of a private life these days. And it could be relevant, especially when lying about their own successes.

Not sure if the database he’s suggesting is public or not.


They could. But they would be overturned in court due to their direct conflict with the Constitution. So it still would boil down to a Constitutional Amendment.

And yes, they’re doomed. Because they are common sense and would hold people accountable. We can’t have that in this day and age of Idiocracy. :man_facepalming:


No, their finances are their business.

I don’t want to have to look it up in a database.