Seems to be a Lack of Consistency

Can one of the mods explain why the thread about the Covington students is allowed to remain in politics even though its not political yet the thread about Bezos being politically targetted was moved to OTB.

What is it that I am missing about the Covington story somehow being connected to politics?

[Where are the Apologies? Covington Students Cleared of Wrongdoing](

Guys…please set your thread view to “All Categories”.

That way you will see all threads that are created no matter the category it’s in.

We’re never going to get a level of consistency everyone agrees on so short-circuit the problem with a tech solution

You can even change your settings to weed out the Hannity Admin bot so you never see those threads.

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MAGA Teens Making America Great Again:

Yesterday, in DC, teens wearing their RedHats surround a Native American man drumming and singing. They taunt, whoop, make tomahawk chops, intimidate him.

A follow up to that, Where are the apologies? Covington kids cleared of wrongdoing:

So can we expect an avalanche of apologies from the Leftwing Talking Heads and Media Gurus to be as intense as the smear campaign they launched against these kids with zero evidence supporting the claims of racism, racist chants,“Build the Wall” chants etc?

Breaking: Federal prosecutors are reviewing the National Enquirer’s handling of its story about Jeff Bezos’ extramarital affair:

This did not take long, I predict everyone that AMI/National Enquirer has extorted/bribed will be coming out of the woodwork.

One of things is not like the other, one of these things is not the same. Politics/politics/OTB. As has been addressed already, the enquirer story is a tale of two media companies duking it out.