Seek and You Will Find

How have you sought God…and what did you find?

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I sought God and found myself in the middle of His creation. The Kingdom of heaven is in all men, not one man nor a group of men.

Yes, I like this, while describing it a bit differently. It is Jesus (or divine spark) I see in all men and the Kingdom of Heaven/God is here. We can live in its shadow, its way, its midst here on earth. I think we may be seeing the same thing, but describing it in different ways.

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All major religions (except Islam) teach the same exact lessons of the Golden Rule and the knowledge of the Kingdom within, so I won’t take issue with semantics from a fellow believer in the Divine.

There is no separation from God. Living in the shadow of God is all fine and dandy, but we must also recognize that we are that shadow. We (humanity) can fool ourselves all day otherwise, but seeing God as somehow separate from me would be like looking up at the stars and denying what I’m physically built from.

Jesus is the Introspection we need to see our place in this Reality.

I meant living in the shadow of heaven, not the shadow of God, heaven being a place, God, a Being. Heaven–or the afterlife–I’ve seen as the true reality, the light, or the positive print. By comparison, our life here on earth is the lesser reality, the shadow, the photo negative of the print.

I do see God as separate from me in the same way I see others in the community as separate from me while recognizing we are all part of a community unit. Does that make sense?

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Makes perfect sense to me. There’s a dualism to this Experience, so while we do exist as God in the flesh, we also exist without the true knowledge of what we are. There will be moments in life where we can perceive it, but not fully understand it. This life is all one big birthing process.

I sought God through drugs. Definitely found God. Drugs are bad mkay

That is how I see it as well.

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May I ask what it is that drives you to testify your faith?


Another part of it is my life among atheists. The ones I know either feel that God failed them at some point in their lives, while if God existed, He would have helped them. Others may not have had a difficult time, but they see difficulties in this world and concluded if there is a God, He would not allow it.

The fact that God was with me in much smaller matters simply makes them angry. Why did I receive help in relatively minor things while they were ignored in something major. If God just helps in minor matters, they didn’t need Him; they can take care of minor matters on their own.

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It does get pretty boring pretty fast seeing people deny the Lord within them just because it’s poor little them “stuck” in this Existence. That’s why I was curious, because there isn’t much substance to the unbelievers that constantly troll your threads, other than the self-loathing already pointed out.

Give yourself a pat on the back

As opposed to self proclaimed grandiosity as being “in tune” with ultimate realities? Give yourself a pat on the back!

Or they just think about things logically and empirically and reject ancient mythologies that have no basis in reality.

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Exhibit A:

Misery wants company to feel the way it does, and it needs to know it has your attention. Pathetic from a spiritual stand-point, but not unfamiliar. I used to feel sorry for myself when I didn’t understand as well, though to my credit, I didn’t run around nipping at everyone else’s ankles just because I hated myself, so I guess I will take that pat on the back for my accomplishments in life after all. :sunglasses:

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Nah we get it. You’re “in tune” so you can attack atheists on the board. But when they push back its “misery”. Please show us the way grand master.

Real life has been mean to you this week, and your posts reflect that. Good luck with that. :hugs:

And yet here you are making snide comments about others and proclaiming your own understandings as being true without actually taking part in discussions. Take a look in the mirror. Your ego is bursting.

Not really. I’ve had a good week. You decided to attack others with snide comments. Self righteousness is a major form of ego.

See that? Now I’m being chased for my attention. It’s good to be the puppet master some times, but I will allow them to have the last word. It’s the least I can do for them. :sunglasses: