Seek and You Will Find

Listen to yourself.

Chased? You’re responding.

Pot meet kettle.

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Only those super in tune with ultimate god shroom realms are able to attack others. Keep fighting the good fight. Check your ego buddha man

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Yes, calling others “pathetic” miserable self loathing trolls is so spiritual. :laughing:

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I see some one allowed another to get inside there head.

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Good troll attempt but almost

Empty space fills up quick. :wink:


So spiritual

Dude, you poured water on the motherboard and think you upgraded the CPU. Reading your ■■■■ is utter comedy.


Replace “activists” with “atheists”. About sums up this thread.

Says the guy with the username, “ImRightYoureWrong.” :thinking: :rofl:

Yes, it’s a sarcastic username about the nature of internet forums

You live up to it well.

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Thank you for your input

A whole other world opens up, and we explorers cannot resist.

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The world of atheism is much more open for exploration, in almost every sense. Too bad Christians are too afraid or dare I say, like SixFoot says, too miserable and pathetic to fully explore it. But alas, only when you’ve experienced the great shroom/LSD God can you claim grandiosity over others and attack their character