Secret ballot in senate for removal?

Interesting theory on how the senate could vote to make the ballot in an impeachment trial a secret ballot. They would only need three GOP senators… How would that change the dynamic of a vote on removal?

Or they could wear masks.


Then they would look like the KKK and they probably don’t want that look in the senate… Might seem sympathetic to the president…

Wouldn’t wanna look like a Klansman, that’s for sure. lol



What a stupid post. The KKK wears hoods.

The dems could wear Nixon masks and the republicans Clinton masks.


from the article If they didn’t have to face backlash from constituents

If…they are to represent the will of their constituents, why should their be any backlash? There is no reason to vote in secret except for…CORRUPT ones.

Maybe black masks would be OK.



1st guy on the left, Chuckie Schumer.


A trial to determine if the President committed high crimes and misdemeanors shouldn’t come down to what “the will of the constituents is”…wouldn’t you agree?

I’m not advocating a secret ballot…but if you think the outcome of an impeachment trial OUGHT to be influenced by public opinion, that’s troubling.

Thank goodness those brave Republican Senators who voted to acquit Andrew Johnson weren’t swayed by public opinion…otherwise we’d have a parliamentary government by now.

They can have a secret ballot. They can also have private deliberations. Just like any other trial.

It’s up to the Senate.

A senator could vote for impeachment without fear of putting their career in jeopardy? It would be interesting to see how that might change things.

Odd place to draw a line when hunting witches.


Accusing the President of something the VP in the previous administration is on video bragging about does not come remotely close to the high crimes threshold.

Do any of you peachers get it yet?


The next fact I see will be the first fact I see that comes anywhere near impugning Trump.

Psssst…Read the transcript.


Have to agree here.

Stand up for your principles, politicians.

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How about Trump allow Russ Vought testify? That would clear this right up… one way or another…

He’s guilty of bribery. In the transcript incomplete memo.

A secret vote in the Senate terrifies Trumpists. Because the outcome is likely to be much closer to conviction.


I’ll read it when they release it.

Not some memo that the president put out there.

He figured it worked the first time

One would have thought that their responsibility is to consider the evidence and vote according to that evidence. It has absolutely nothing to do with the will of their constituents.