Seattle Schoolboy Exposes the Carbon Footprint of Private Jet-Loving Stars, Tycoons and Lawmakers

These are the people that want you to limit your own “carbon footprint”.

You should pay more, for less energy, so they can fly around wherever they want.

You should eat less meat, and more bugs, so they can enjoy grass fed/finished filet mignon.

You should drink your own recycled piss, so they can drink spring water.

You should own nothing, and be happy.



I have no issue in reducing my own carbon footprint but detest the rich and famous trying to lecture me and the rest of society. They can ■■■■ right off.


Poor kid didn’t hang himself…


their annual Co2 emissions are up to 300 TIMES the size of the average American’s

Other offenders are Rupert Murdoch and his jet-setting family, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Pitbull and Jeff Bezos.

This is an excellent exposure of the truth. The virtuous liars dictating…eat sheople…eeeeeeeeeeat…no carbon footprint all while they’re the worst offenders.


You can try, but so long as you are connected to the grid and do business with society (which anything less is essentially illegal :rofl:), your own carbon footprint will do nothing but increase with every year, in spite of any efforts you put in. You will simply pay more to wear a proverbial veil and that’s the bottom line.

This fantasy of “going green” is the single biggest scam in the history of this iteration of civilization, and it’s being perpetuated by the very energy companies and governments that have been accused of destroying the planet in the first place.

Agreed. Those pieces of ■■■■ don’t even know how to cook their own food, or even clean their own mess. Where I come from, we call those toddlers.

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Starting with our climate czar. Most ridiculous appointment of this administration. If not in a long, long time.


They may be hypocritical but it’s good to learn their exponentially sized carbon footprints don’t matter since going green is a scam anyway.

I have had the privilege of flying semi-private three times. You can do that by splitting the costs with 7-8 people. After that small glimpse into the ultra wealthy I can with confidence one would have a better chance prying and elk from a grizzlies mouth than getting these people to give up their private jets.

It’s just so nice compared to public flights from the moment you enter the airport. It’s like riding in a limousine compared to an Uber ride with a Civic.


It’s not about “reducing your carbon footprint.” It’s about your betters lapping up resources that you’re not privileged enough to partake in. Always has been.


Is Musk a Gang Green Climate disciple?

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(He got the blimp surplus from when Bill Gates used to fly around in it playing his evil jingle)


Those folks listed (in the OP) can kiss my Buttocks.

To quote the great Forrest Gump. :wink:


I have more than enough resources for my life. I don’t need any more.

He is very committed to renewable energy and reducing carbon footprints.

His business ventures and the fact he put up his own $100 million as prize money is testament to that.

No surprise. That’s the echo chamber part.

When lib elites preach it’s NEVER about their lives being impacted. They are the important people. Just ask any forum lib.


Or ask all 6 of them

Yes, but is he a zealot? Is he all preachy about it?

I’m sure that made sense.