Seattle Schoolboy Exposes the Carbon Footprint of Private Jet-Loving Stars, Tycoons and Lawmakers

Nah, still doesn’t.

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Depends on definition of preachy. All his companies have a mission to improve lives by paying attention to the environment in one way or another. He is also an advocate for a carbon tax.

You don’t know the definition of preachy?

Does he tell me what I need to do?

Taxes are not solutions, they do not make life better.


Makes it better for the never do well takers i suppose.

No he doesnt tell you what to do.

Well, there we go.

Just wants to tax it if it isn’t done the way wanted.

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And John Kerry!


Many billionaires and celebrities are hypocrites telling us to give up our needs while themselves are splurging in luxuries that waste far more?



very good!

glad to see you realize this.