Sean Hannity/Senator Ted Cruz Should Consider Leading a "Million Patriot March" on Washington D.C

As I’m observing the aftermath of our election, it seems apparent to me that shennanigans took place behind the scenes, to disrupt an honest election that exemplifies the will of the people, to the will of those currently in power, who corruptly desire to stay in power.

The procedures for validating and counting honest ballots must be equally witnessed by all sides invested in the process, to monitor the system and insure it’s integrity. This is truly a foundational element of our country. If we the people can not count on the integrity of our voting system, we then do not have the platform in which to honestly settle our differences. It’s the honest settling of our differences that allows us the pathway of unification. It’s that unification that makes us a positive force for all mankind, through out the world. The United States must remain united.

I believe that there are two worlds that are the internal/external make up of all who love life to the fullest and desire to lovingly share that with all to the fullest. The internal is our love of The Lord and in my opinion, our host Sean Hannity has been a great example who has exemplified this, from the common man’s point of view, for decades. The second is Ceasar’s world, which includes our government, the law, our political system and how it interacts with us all and in my opinion, Senator Ted Cruz exemplifies that. So I am calling on our host Sean Hannity and Senator Ted Cruz to observe the current situation, honestly evaluate the integrity of our past Presidential election and if their conclusions are that it’s been corrupted, to join forces and lead a patriot march on Washington, DC. Let those that are corrupt in our world of Ceasar, witness the strength and force they are tampering with in attempting to cheat all of our citizens out of an honest election.

We must all desire an honest election because if “we” lose that, we will eventually lose everything as one united nation. What say you?


I agree. March on Washington to stop the cheating.

March on the swing states capitols over the cheating as well.

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We need to stop this injustice now.

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Get going to Washington, guys.

Why do you have to wait for someone to organize it for you?


And one would think that this huge machine that’s cheating up a Presidency would also be cheating up a Democratic majority in the Senate.

I hate it when nefarious groups that have the power to alter an election don’t complete the job…


Correct the cheaters missed Maine and North Carolina.

Maybe next time.


What shennigans? On Tuesday night when it looked like Trump was winning there were no concerns voiced and now suddenly in the states that Trump won all is peachy but States Trump lost or looking like he will lose now there are concerns.

I have no idea who will end up President but what is happening is exactly what was predicted with mail in ballots start to be counted after the in person ballots.

The truth is Trumpists cannot comprehend that he could actually lose. Just like any other time during the past 4 years anything that has not gone way they or the President wants it is not his fault but result of a deep state, left wing globalist plot. Even when his own selection for staff turned against him Trump was not to blame for hiring them.

If there was a plot to take the Presidency why didnt this extend to the Senate? Why would these puppet masters want the White House but not the Senate? In some ways controlling the Senate is more important the White House.

When you look at this logically none of these convoluted and complex plots to steal the presidency from Trump make sense.


Ha I just made the same point.

You always speak in generalities but never actually provide proof of your wild notions.

As both Jay and I pointed out how did these nefarious shadowy figures forget that they also needed to steal the senate?

They are cheating. STEALING the election. If the signature on the registration doesn’t match the one on the ballot, count it anyway. More votes cast in many districts than registered voters. Observers shut out from getting to see what is actually being done with the ballots. Boxes delivered middle of the night by ONE person…


What the ■■■■ is that photo supposed to prove?

Again you are just repeating the general accusations that Trumpists across the internet are saying.

Lets have some specific detail. Which states, what locations? Which specific count locations had no Republican observers?

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It’s a film not a photo. The rest is on the national news.

Just watched it. LMAO come on man. Is that all you have.

Because you cannot put any actual detail in your accusations I will assume you do not have anything and just repeating internet misinformation.

This has been the most closely watched election in American history yet somehow Dems were able to outmaneuver the Republicans and carry off a fraud right under their noses.

One last question. Why in your opinion did this plot ignore the Senate?

It is apparent to me that every time a cat meows a new conspiracy is born of out laziness.


This election was tailor made to foster them given the late rule changes and departure from normal procedure.

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And yet they forgot the Senate.

I hate incompetent cheaters, don’t you?

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Wouldn’t be inconsistent, they don’t have full control of every city and state. That said, I will need irrefutable evidence before I climb on board with the idea.

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Lol they can cheat Biden into the White House, but not Senators because they “don’t have full control of every city and state”.

Spoken like someone who has zero idea how vote counting works.

At any rate, these sloppy cheaters have also now potentially left Biden exposed in Arizona.

It’s really annoying that they couldn’t think through all contingencies.


Convenient. They control enough to steal the Presidency but not the senate.

Lot easier to get away with something if you control the cops. Be hard for a Democrat to cheat around here, not so tough in their strong holds. But again, it comes down to evidence, I have yet to see any and until I do, I wouldn’t go around yelling anyone cheated.

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