SCOTUS Seat Poll

Nominated and confirmed before the election.

What Mitch wants, Mitch gets.


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Not sure it matters one way or the other.

But, nominated and confirmed.

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Those ignoring the Constitution look silly.


Anyone else note how Romney said he supports holding a vote but didn’t indicate how he’d vote?

Romney hates Trump and it would be the ultimate middle finger to Trump to help the vote go forward and then vote against Trump’s pick especially if Romney ends up the swing vote.

Now we have some Romney Derangement Syndrome going in because Romney dared to stand up against Lord Donald.

Romney is a social conservative. He will vote for a socially conservative justice.

He won’t let any anger towards Trump blind him towards being able to get another conservative justice in the court.

It won’t be a “Trump win”. Trump nominating justices is him being in the right place at the right time with a favorable Senate. It’s not a huge accomplishment on Trump’s part.

I noticed.

We shall see if he was more offended by the Kav process or Trump decorum.

It might be tough to oppose the Barrett pick…such drama…I forgot all about the virus.


Any rioting?

Only a handful of Auntie Fah looking for social media points.

Should provide Inman with some good content.

Cold weather in the north will squash the nonsense eventually and soon in some spots.


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That would in effect end Romney carrier in the senate…thus hurting the state if Utah.

Pence can be the tie breaker if 3 “gop” senators vote no.

Then Romney would just look petty and stupid…again.

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Just in time for some hot pockets and stovetop stuffing.

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Biden will get 70,000,000 plus votes topping Obama 2008 numbers.


that’s okay, he can just do some virtue signalling and make up for it with the left

I hope you’re right!

Good point.

his steadfast defense of hunters dealings which stink like day old halibut have me wondering what he might be involved in he doesn’t want to get out.

That’s something to think about for sure. Could be. :thinking: