SCOTUS Seat Poll

What’s going to happen?

  • Nominated & Confirmed before the election
  • Nominated before; confirmed after the election
  • Nominated not confirmed - Trump wins
  • Nominated not confirmed - Biden wins

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Not what you want to happen, what you think will happen.

Trump made the list public prior to the death of RBG.

It was an important aspect of his platform in 2016 and he has done everything within his power to keep his promises.

The Senate seems to have the votes.

Ergo, I voted nominated & confirmed before the election.

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It’s what I want and think. Nominate and confirm, decisively. No politics, just business.


It is the business of the People. Nominate, confirm and move on to the next order of business.

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Nominate and confirm.

No politics. Chuckle.

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I’m sure there will be politics, Schumer made it so right out the gate. Had she even gasped that last breath?

Nominated and confirmed. Republicans are no better than Democrats - completely devoid of consistency and scruples.

“No politics” - :rofl:


It was made political in 2016. Trump and McConnell will win this one, but IF Biden wins and gains the Senate it’s going to get bloody(figuratively).

R Senate won’t hold together.

Can’t look to Manchin either.

Part 2 - What will happen as a result?

  • Nothing - things will continue as are
  • Extreme civil unrest - burn it down
  • Protests but nothing major

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Disgusting is and was.

No it’s not. Stack the courts. Watch the dems go home in 2022.

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I think they’re looking for excuse to burn it all down…it’s good of reason as any IMO.

I am pretty sure most fair minded people all ready see what McConnell has done and is now doing, as the Republicans stacking the court. So I wouldn’t be too sure of that!

They’ll continue to burn it down. Those actions will continue to play in Trump’s favor. They’re already showing up at Lindsey Graham’s home in DC. The psychotic ■■■■ show from the dems will continue.

Filling seats isn’t stacking the courts.


Different rules for different presidents however is! At least that’s the way fair minded people think!

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Protests but nothing major.

This is a different crowd than BLM/Antifa

They look more like this flavor of lunatic:

Um, not hardly. They’re doing what their constituents asked of them, and preforming their duty as well. They’ll be rewarded for it, dems will cry, but that’s normal.