SCOTUS Seat Poll

We’ll see. Depends on turnout. If Biden gets the same number of votes Obama got he can’t lose. If he gets Hillary numbers then he loses.

He’ll get Biden numbers, abcdefg…

Nominated and confirmed , likely with Pence providing the deciding vote

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He’ll get more votes than Hillary that I am pretty sure of, whether he gets Obama numbers remains to be seen

Republicans aren’t added seats. They’re just filling existing ones.

After Reid killed 60 vote rule for filling seats he lost the senate because of it. After that democrats weren’t able to fill those vacancies.

Republicans won the senate in what was one of greatest turn around in American history because of it Harry Reid decision…and thus the reason why they didn’t fill Obama request on Garland.

They made their bed…and now libs refuse to lay in it.


The perfect storm…Trump gets his pick in before election and democrats burn the country down.

Trump wins in a landslide and regains congress.

My advise for libs…shut up. You’re only making things worst for your side. But again I want them to go for it.

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Hint to Dems, whatever Trump is retweeting about you, do the opposite.

If it doesn’t cost Trump, then it won’t cost Biden. Trump has been running his mouth since day one.

We will be fine

They may try to burn it all down but they will be unsuccessful.

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With all the hype, I may as well go with the herd on this one and say nominated and confirmed before election.

It’s what that senate majority was voted in to do after all. :man_shrugging:

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I’m going with extreme unrest, but not only because it could benefit me.

It will be very close, probably by one vote either way. The fate of the country may be in the hands of…Mittens.
If he lets his Trump hate overcome the fate of the judicial system of the country for the next 20 years, all I ask is that he doesn’t issue some pompous virtue signaling speech about how only he has ethics, like he did after he turned on Republicans for the fake impeachment.


Her last gasp was apparently a political speech where she wanted to control the fate of the country posthumously.

I’m not getting my hopes up.

Graham is hinting he has votes to confirm.

Seems we have been disappointed before.

One caveat…If the nominee has an unassailable record the confirmation could happen.

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it was made political in 1987

filling vacant seats is not stacking the court. elections have consequences… remember


there are no different rules/ the Obamassiah made his nomination.

what you want is different rules. name one single president who did not nominate a justice when a vacancy occurred ever. you can’t because its never happened Trump gets the same rules

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There are just enough R Senators that will not vote prior to the election because they are against Trump.

That’s not happening. Murkowski and maybe Collins will defect. But probably just Murkowski. This seat will be filled before the election. There will be a grand show, but that is it and at the end of the day Barrett will be the next Associate Justice.

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Romney won’t go along.

I do hope it works out that you are right.

I do not enjoy the handful of rank breakers waffling before a vote.