SCOTUS says states electors must cast votes for states voters choice: can face removal

About time.

This has always bugged me and puts the argument that electors are free agents to bed.



It’s how a republic works. Electors represent the will of the people. Good call by SCOTUS. Unanimous decision.

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Wow. Makes me wonder how the strict textualists came to this conclusion.

You didn’t read the article. Your thread title is wrong.

All 9 judges decided to uphold intentions of our Constitution…good job.

You do understand they represent there state…right?

Same for you as well.

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Electoral College is so dumb

Does this happen often enough to sue?

So what did I miss.

States can enforce laws against electors.


If they don’t vote the way of their state voters.

Same for me what as well?

I don’t disagree with the decision. I just don’t see how the strict textualists came to a conclusion that isn’t in the text.

That’s all.

I fixed it.


What a shame that this had to be mandated and not automatically happening because it’s the right thing to do?

The SCOTUS did not say state electors must do anything.

People will always try and circumvent a law that they do not like.

There have been laws against faithless electors on the books in many states yet it took some state actually enforcing the law to get it to SCOTUS.


Sneaky is correct.

States can enforce the popular vote choice on electors.

But this is different than saying electors must vote for the state’s popular vote winner.

There are 18 states where electors are free to choose regardless of popular vote. This ruling doesn’t affect them.

Therefore the OPer’s title was incorrect.


The only way to do that is to read the full Opinion of the Court, which I just linked.

33 total pages, including the syllabus. The Kagan decision comprises 18 pages of that, the Thomas concurrence comprises 12 pages.

Kagan used Article 2.

Thomas used the 10th.

State’s right.

The electors can vote for who they want subject to removal and fine.

All states will now enact legislation saying electors must vote for the states popular vote winner or you will be removed and subject to a hefty fine.