SCOTUS Punts On Census Case

After they ruled against the citizenship question on the census form I figured that this would go the same way. And again it appears that the Trump administration was unable to present the case without problems with their argument.
As the article states, the Trump administration could still try to exclude some undocumented immigrants from the count but would face lawsuits if they tried.

Trump can try, everyone will sue, by the time it gets to court, Biden will be President and he will undo Trump’s EO, making the case moot.

At least I think that’s what the Justices are thinking.

As good as the Court is at punting rather than doing their jobs they should try out for NFL teams.

You must be reading the wrong decision. The libs lost.

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No, the OP’s summary of the case is quite accurate.

Have you read the opinion?

Yes. And the three liberal justices dissented. They lost… no matter how you want to spin it.

Maybe it is you who needs to read more than NPR.

You have to understand that’s just not how it works.

The three dissenting justices thought the Court should rule then. The other justices decided that they should rule later.

If it makes you feel better to think of that as a victory, I can’t stop you.


NPR is a radio station. One listens to it.

I read the actual opinion.

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NPR is a rotten source for news.


The libs dissented. They lost. The majority of the court disagreed with the 3 liberal activist justices.

Facts… not NPR feeeeelings.

it misled these poor souls here into thinking that a loss was a win. What gullible people!

Is this one better?


So you’ve decided that “winning” is determined not by the ruling - but by the judges you dislike?

I don’t care about which Justices votes which way - I care about the decision.

If Trump had actually won, the Court would have agreed with his plan, rather than kicking it down the road.

Baa baa?

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For me… that is 100% on target. I know who America’s enemies are in the court.

Libs lost. America wins.

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Thats fine. I can’t blame you, I’m sure it is much easier to rage about personalities than it is to actually taking the time to understand the opinion.

It is much easier to feel than it is to learn. Rage on.


No one is raging about “personalities”. The word you are looking for is “ideologies”.

No, that’s not the word I was looking for. I meant what I said.

I do not expect you understand judicial ideologies any more than you understood this decision.

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The 3 known libs plus Roberts.

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