SCOTUS Appointment 2022

Is the commitment to nominate a candidate based on race and sex racist and misogynistic?

Does it say that the only way a female BIPOC is qualified is because of race and sex? That they cannot compete on other basis?

  • Yes, it is racist and misogynistic
  • No

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Eventually there will be a female POTUS. Should she nominate only females?

SCOTUS nominees are all vetted and then confirmed by Congress. So all nominees are deemed “qualified” regardless of why they were selected.

And I’d argue that representation matters. For a majority of the history of this country, SCOTUS nominees were selected based on race and sex. They just happened to be white and male. So now we have an opportunity to counter that by nominating someone different. You could argue that this process is no better than what proceeded it. But again, all nominees are vetted and deemed qualified, so why not place someone other than a white male?


why can’t it be another white male?

should we avoid white males in all positions now?

Unlike an African American, there has never been an Asian justice on the Supreme Court.

Is it not blatantly racist to declare from the outset that an Asian candidate will not even be considered for the position ?

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I think it would be blatantly racist to say you’re not considering an Asian candidate because you hate Asians.

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its racist to say you’re not considering an asian candidate because you prefer “something else”

you canot cure percieved racism with more racism

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Let’s try this again but with less specificity.

Is it racist or not to make a statement such as - “Only applicants who are of <“race a”> will be considered for the position. Applicants of <races b,c,x,y,z> need not apply” ?

I think it’s a discriminatory statement that’s most likely based on racism.

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Me too. Btw, I don’t know why but my previous post didn’t show up as I intended originally, i went back and edited.

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Does it? Do most Americans have college degrees? Did most Americans go Hahvad or Yale?

Representation of what?

They should consider all qualified candidates, but I assume there are several qualified Black women, and I have no problem with them choosing one of them.

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Are they?

The question: is nominating a candidate based on race and sex racist and misogynistic?

No, it doesn’t sound like it. They should have just made a choice without making promises.

Racist and sexist, yes.

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If he doesn’t make promises, he probably isn’t making the choice.

Yet we are to believe that the judiciary is less political?

98% of all previous justices were nominated because they were white


Were they? Does that make the other 2% less racist?