Scientific proof mask mandates work

vanderbilt university ahs been looking at covid hospitalization rates in counties with and without mask mandates

no surprise mask mandate countries have lower rates.

counties where 75% of the patients come from mask mandate exists had about the same hospitalization rate as in july
counties where less than 25% came from mandate counties has twice the rate as in july

Doesn’t work…it helps reduce.

As for Washington Compost :crazy_face:


Texas has a mask mandate.

Wisconsin has a mask mandate.

California has a mask mandate.

Illinois has a mask mandate.


That’s what we have been says no all along. Masks make a difference but are not a panacea.

Do you say seat belts don’t work because people still die with seatbelts on?

They are just reporting on a Vanderbilt study. Regardless, the Post’s record of accuracy is orders of magnitude better than yours.

Are you attempting to say masks don’t help?

Is that what I said?

They’re not 100% effective and most places with a mandate are lucky to hit 50% participation so why bother.

I’m asking what your point is.

The discussion is not masks, it’s mask mandates.

That’s not what you asked. You started building a narrative - on shifting sand.

The discussion is not the efficacy of masks, it is the efficacy of mandates.


Ok. Are you cherry picking data instead of making apt comparisons?

Cherry picking data? I took them from the spike. New cases. Top 5 yesterday. Florida is not on there because they don’t have a state-wide mandate. They use city-wide.

Comparison to what?

Is that sarcasm or are you serious?

So mask mandates work, great news :pray:

mask wearing trick-or-treaters are 99.98% more likely to get candy

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What are you comparing those states to?

#6 Michigan has a mask mandate

#7 Missouri does not

#8 Ohio has a mask mandate

#9 Pennsylvania has a mask mandate

#10 Minnesota has a mask mandate

How in the hell does Vanderbilt get that mandates make a difference? Ray Charles can see that’s not true.


The spike list.

I can’t even tell anymore.

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